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Graduate Level Courses

2018-2019 Course Offerings

Fall 2018
CLAS 815    Archaeology of the Roman Army  -  Dr. B. Reeves
CLAS 822    Greek Archaeology I  -  Dr. A. Foley
GREK 823   Greek Historians  -  Dr. T. Wright
LATN 814     Roman Historians  -  Dr. A. D'Elia

Winter 2019
CLAS 805   Topography of Rome  -  Dr. S. Savelli
CLAS 823   Greek Archaeology II  -  Dr. C. Zaccagnino
GREK 822   Greek Drama  -  Dr. T. Wright
LATN 813    Latin Lyric  -  Dr. A. D'Elia

Summer 2019
CLAS 809  Archaeology Practicum II: Caere, Italy
CLAS 810  Archaeology Practicum III: Stobi, Macedonia

Available subs:
RELS 887  Problems in Ancient Mediterranean Religions  (Fall)

More information about our graduate courses can be found in the School of Graduate Studies Academic Calendar.