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GREK 112 - Introductory Greek (F/W)

This course introduces the grammar and vocabulary of ancient Greek within the context of fifth century Athenian culture and civilization, with the goal of preparing the student for more intensive study of the language in second year. By the end of the year students will be able to read simple texts in ancient Greek with the aid of a dictionary.  Ancient Greek is very different from modern Greek, and this course will not prepare a student for reading or speaking modern Greek.

Fall Term

TEXTBOOK:  Donald J. Mastronarde, Introduction to Attic Greek (Second Edition)
INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Tim Wright

Winter Term

Reading in Greek of a prose text, with lectures on grammar as needed.
ASSESSMENT:  Participation, assignments, midterm, and final exam
INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Drew Griffith

NOTE:  Normally not open to students with 4U Greek.