GREK 322 - 422: Greek Verse & Advanced Greek Verse

Greek pottery


GREK 322 - 422

Type: 300-400 level
Units: 3.00 (each)
Term: Winter 2023
Fall Instructor: Drew Griffith
Delivery: In-Person

Need advice on how to: stick it to your stupid boss, deal with unwanted suitors camping out in your living-room, catch your spouse in bed with someone else, have the flashiest armour of anyone on the block, or avoid being turned into a pig by a witch? Can you also read ancient Greek? Then this course is for you!

Selected passages of Greek verse, usually drawn from works of epic, lyric, elegy, and drama, read in the original Greek and commented upon for their linguistic, literary, and historical significance.

Note: GREK 322 is co-taught with GREK 422