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International Opportunities

International opportunities are available (excavations, language schools, and studies in both Greece and Italy), some of which can be found posted on our Classics Department bulletin board just outside the elevator on the 5th floor of Watson Hall.

The Department offers two of its own archaeological excavations, one in Jordan (CLST 408 - Archaeological Fieldwork Practicum Iand one in Italy (CLST 409 - Archaeological Fieldwork Practicum II).

During the summer, the Bader International Study Centre offers a Field School in British Archaeology.  This intensive five week program incorporates two credit courses on Roman Britain and Medieval Britain with the practical learning experience of excavation.  

For other dig and study opportunities, check out the Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin (AFOB) and the archaeological projects in the Near East and Egypt at The American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR).

You should also check out information at the International Programs Office (IPO) located in Mac-Corry Hall, or by dropping by the department and speaking with our Undergraduate Chair.

PLEASE NOTE: CLST 129 is recommended as the primary prerequisite for all archaeological excavations.

International Studies Certificate

For students wishing to enhance their degree program with an international perspective, the Faculty of Arts and Science offers a Senate-approved Certificate in International Studies, the requirements for which could be met by your Classics degree.

For more details and to register, visit the International Studies Certificate page on the International Programs website.  

PLEASE NOTE: Deadlines to register are

  • May 1st for June convocation
  • October 1st for November convocation