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CLST 214 Technology Projects

Fall 2014 Projects

As part of their assessment for the course, students in Dr. Daryn Lehoux's ​ CLST 214 Ancient Science class
were given the option to research and produce ancient technology tools.
Many students accepted the challenge, and here is a sampling of their work.

  • Ancient Astrologer's Board

    Ancient Astrologer's Board

  • Pentapastos (five pulley crane)

    (five pulley crane)

  • Heron of Alexandria Aeolipile (ancient steam engine)

    Heron of Alexandria Aeolipile
    (ancient steam engine)

  • Parapegma (ancient astronomical calendar)

    (ancient astronomical calendar)

  • Gimbal

    ​(pivoted support that allows the rotation of an object about a single axis)

  • Ballista

    (ancient weapon)

  • Archimedes Screw

    Archimedes Screw

  • Roman Dome

    Roman Dome

  • Roman Dome Interior

    Roman Dome Interior

  • Ancient Cart with Cow


  • Lunar Anomaly Gear of Antikytherum Mechanism

    Lunar Anomaly Gear of Antikytherum Mechanism

  • Ancient Water Wheel

    Ancient Water Wheel

  • Ancient Crane

    Ancient Crane

  • Ancient Chinese Seismometer

    Ancient Chinese Seismometer
    (a device used to detect earthquakes)

  • Archimedes Screw (screwpump)

    Archimedes Screw

  • Ancient Water Wheel 2

    Ancient Water Wheel 2

Fall 2014 Open House

In December an Ancient Science Technology Projects Open House was held to demonstrate and display their work.