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Dr. Barbara Reeves presents paper at ICHAJ 14

On January 21, 2019, Prof. Barbara Reeves presented a paper (see title and abstract below) at the International Conference on the History and Archaeology of Jordan; the theme of this year's edition of the conference, held in Florence, Italy, was "Culture in Crisis: Flows of Peoples, Artifacts and Ideas"

Pictorial Graffiti Associated with the Soldiers and Civilians of Nabataean and Roman Humayma
In 2012 and 2014 the Humayma Excavation Project documented over 150 graffiti (images and texts) carved or abraded on the sandstone ridges and hills west of the ancient settlement at Humayma (Nabataean Hawara, Roman Hauarra) in southern Jordan. Most of these graffiti have subsequently been assigned to chronological periods in the site’s history based on associated texts, relative darkness of patina, spatial overlap, and content. The goal of this paper is to analyze images that can be associated with the Nabataean town and Roman garrisoned community in order to examine what they reveal about the values and beliefs of those ancient inhabitants. Particular focus will be placed on an image of a Roman officer conducting a religious ceremony, numerous footprint carvings, images of human figures displaying weapons, and images of humans riding camels and horses. The location and frequency of these images will also be addressed in order to show how different places in the natural landscape seem to have been conceptualized in distinct ways by Humayma’s Nabataean and Roman inhabitants.

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