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Dr. Mat Carbon    

June 2020Professor Mat Carbon

The Classics Department is delighted to welcome as its most recent permanent member, Dr. Jan-Mathieu (Mat) Carbon, a very talented young scholar and — we are delighted to note — an alumnus of our Department.

Mat Carbon first studied Classics at St. Stephen’s School in Rome, which upon his return to Canada led him to major in Greek language and literature at Queen’s. After a Master’s degree at McMaster under the guidance of William J. Slater, he worked on a dissertation with Robert Parker at the University of Oxford, where he developed a passion for the study of Greek epigraphy. Interested in Greek history in a broad sense, his research focusses especially on the vivid testimonies about religion and cultural interactions in the ancient Mediterranean that Greek inscriptions provide. Ongoing projects include co-editing a corpus of the inscriptions of Halikarnassos, the Collection of Greek Ritual Norms (CGRN), and the Choix d’inscriptions oraculaires de Dodone (CIOD).

Mat is delighted to be coming back to his alma mater and to be joining the department where he first trained.


2012 - D.Phil in Classics/Ancient History, University of Oxford

2003 - M.A. in Classics, McMaster University

2001 - B.A. in Greek, Queen’s University

Academic History

May-June 2020 Visiting Associate Professor, University of Southern Denmark

2018-2019 Maître de conférences associé, Collège de France

2016-2017 Fellow, Center for Hellenic Studies (Harvard University), Washington DC

2015-2020 Collaborateur scientifique, Département des sciences de l’antiquité, Université de Liège

2015-2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Copenhagen Associations Project, Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen

2012-2015 Postdoctoral Fellow (FRFC-FNRS), Département des sciences de l’antiquité, Université de Liège


2018-present Secrétaire de rédaction and member of the editorial board of Kernos (

2017-present Associate editor of the Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum (SEG)

Online Epigraphic Collections/Databases

2016-present Co-editor, Choix d’inscriptions oraculaires de Dodone (CIOD;

2013-2016 Contributor, Copenhagen Associations project (Inventory of Ancient Associations, CAPInv.)  

2012-present Co-editor, Collection of Greek Ritual Norms (CGRN;

Selected (Print) Publications

Collaborative Epigraphic Editions/Collections

2014 - with W. Blümel and R. van Bremen, A Guide to Inscriptions in Milas and its Museum, Arkeoloji ve Sanat Yayınları: Istanbul. (Turkish translation by the same publisher: Milas Yazıtları Rehberi)

Co-edited volumes

2018 - with S. Peels-Matthey, Purity and Purification in the Ancient Greek World: Texts, Rituals, and Norms, Kernos Supplement 32: Presses Universitaires de Liège, Liège.

2010 - with R. van Bremen, Hellenistic Karia: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Hellenistic Karia, Oxford, 29 June–2 July 2006, Ausonius Études 28: Talence.

Chapters in co-edited volumes

2019 - “ ‘King Harvest Has Surely Come’: On the Seasonal Festival of the Kalamaia”, in A. Gartziou-Tatti and A. Zografou (eds.), Des dieux et des plantes. Monde végétal et religion en Grèce ancienne (Kernos Suppl. 34), Liège: 127-140.

2018 - “A Network of Hearths: Honours, Sacrificial Shares, and ‘Traveling Meat’”, in J. Blok, F. van der Eijnde and R. Strootman (eds.), Feasting and Polis Institutions (Mnemosyne Suppl. 414), Leiden/Boston: 340-375.

2017 - “Sailing to Dodona: On the Naa, the Aktia, and times of consultation of the oracle”, in K. Soueref (ed.), Δωδώνη, Οι ερωτήσεις των χρησμών, Νέες προσεγγίσεις στα χρηστήρια ελάσματα / Dodona, The Omen’s Questions, New approaches in the oracular tablets, Ioannina: 95-111.

2017 - “Meaty Perks: Epichoric and Topological Trends”, in S. Hitch and I. Rutherford (eds.), Animal Sacrifice in the Ancient Greek World, Cambridge: 151-177.

2017 [2015] - “Ritual Cycles: Calendars and Festivals”, in E. Eidinow and J. Kindt (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Ancient Greek Religion, Oxford: 537-550.

2015 - “Rereading the Ritual Tablet from Selinous”, in A. Ianucci, F. Muccioli and M. Zaccarini (eds.), La città inquieta, Selinunte tra lex sacra e defixiones (Mimesis: Diadema 3), Sesto San Giovanni: 165-204 + 306.

Articles (incl. shorter notes)

2016 - “The Festival of the Aloulaia and the Association of the Alouliastai: Notes Concerning the New Inscription from Larisa/Marmarini”, Kernos 29: 185-208. 

2016 - “Notes on Two Inscriptions from Chios”, Grammateion 5: 37-41.

2016 - “Supersizing” at Zeugma”, Epigraphica Anatolica 49: 70-72.

2016 - “Minor Notes on I. Iasos 52”, Epigraphica Anatolica 49: 67-69.

2015 - “Five Answers Prescribing Rituals in the Oracular Tablets from Dodona”, Grammateion 4: 73-87.

2014 - “A Hellenistic Ritual Calendar from Kyzikos”, Epigraphica Anatolica 47: 149-155.

2014 - “Dated Sacrifices in the Gymnasion at Kadiköy”, Epigraphica Anatolica 47: 147-148.

2013 - “Dolphin-Pillars”, Epigraphica Anatolica 46: 27-34.

Collaborative articles/chapters/notes

2020 - with S. Isager and P. Pedersen, “A Thesauros for Sarapis and Isis: I.Halikarnassos *290 and the Cult of the Egyptian Gods at Halikarnassos”, in L. Bricault and R. Veymiers (eds.), Bibliotheca Isiaca IV, Pessac: 75-83.

2019 - with V. Pirenne-Delforge, “Two Notes on the Collection of Greek Ritual Norms Looking Back, Looking Forward”, Axon 3.2: 103-115.

2018 - with S. Isager and P. Pedersen, “An Inscribed Stele Depicting a Horseman Now in the Bodrum Museum”, Philia 4: 26-30.

2017 - with V. Pirenne-Delforge, “Codifying ‘Sacred Laws’ in Ancient Greece”, in D. Jaillard and C. Nihan (eds.), Writing Laws in Antiquity / L’écriture du droit dans l’Antiquité (BZAR 19), Wiesbaden: 141-157.

2017 - with S. Isager and P. Pedersen, “Priestess Athenodote: New Pieces of Evidence for the History and the Cults of Late Hellenistic Halikarnassos, I.Halikarnassos *294 (and *297)”, Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 201: 165-186.

2016 - with J. Clackson, “Arms and the Boy: On the New Festival Calendar from Arkadia”, Kernos 29: 119-158.

2013 - with V. Pirenne-Delforge, “Priests and Cult Personnel in Three Hellenistic Families”, in: M. Horster and A. Klöckner (eds.), Cities and Priests: Cult Personnel in Asia Minor and the Aegean Islands from the Hellenistic to the Imperial Period (RGVV 64), Berlin / Boston: 65-119.

2012 - with V. Pirenne-Delforge, “Beyond Greek ‘Sacred Laws’ ”, Kernos 25: 163-182.