Teaching and Learning Spaces

As part of the shift to primarily remote instruction, only a select number of centrally booked classrooms will be used for on-campus course activities. All other classrooms will be locked and will not be available for booking.




Guiding Principles for Classroom Use

Classroom Utilization Guidelines

General Information:

  • Only buildings with classrooms that are being used will be open; others will be locked to prevent students from congregating on campus.
  • Classrooms will be unlocked for class use only.
  • COVID-19 public health and safety guidelines will be widely communicated to all members of the Queen’s community, requiring self-assessment for symptoms of COVID-19 and requiring people with symptoms to stay home and not to attend classes.
  • Student Guidelines below will be incorporated into signs that will be posted on classroom doors and should be widely communicated to students.
  • Instructor Guidelines below will be posted on the podiums in each classroom and emailed to all instructors.


Queen's Campus

Student Classroom Guidelines:

  • Masks are mandatory in the classrooms (except for lecturing faculty, subject to 2m physical distancing).
  • Maintain 2 metre physical distancing at all times.
  • Please ensure everyone from the previous class has left the room before entering.
  • If class is still in progress please use the floor markings to ensure you are maintaining physical distancing while waiting to enter the classroom.
  • Only sit in seats designated with athletic pinnies/vests to ensure physical distancing during class.
  • Classrooms are only to be used for scheduled classes; please exit room once class has ended.
  • Please use hand sanitizer and wipe chair and tablet surfaces with provided disinfectant wipes when entering the classroom.
  • In the event of an emergency please use the closest exit to leave the classroom.

Queen's Campus

Instructor Classroom Guidelines:

  • Please ensure physical distancing is maintained from students seated in front row.
  • When teaching, stand behind the plexiglass installed on the podium to maintain 2 metre physical distancing in all classrooms.
  • Please end class at the specified time so that sufficient time is provided for students to exit and enter the classroom while maintaining physical distancing.
  • Please do not allow students to break physical distancing to ask one-on-one questions at the start and end of class.


Classroom with selected seating covered with a yellow athletic vest.

Classroom with selected seating covered with a yellow athletic vest.

Current Classroom Inventory

Classroom Capacities and Seating Plans

Building Classroom Number *NEW* Room Capacity Seating Plan
Chernoff Hall CHERNF 117 22 Chernf 117 Seating Plan (PDF, 65 KB):
Chernoff Hall CHERNF AUD 46 Chernf AUD Seating Plan (PDF, 82 KB):
Dunning Hall DUNNIN AUD 44 Dunning AUD Seating Plan (PDF, 107 KB):
Etherington Hall ETHER AUD 35 Ethering AUD Seating Plan (PDF, 82 KB):
Law Building LAW BUILDING 001 31 Law Building 001 Seating Plan (PDF, 79 KB):
Mackintosh-Corry Hall MACCOR B201 16 MacCor B201 Seating Plan (PDF, 70 KB):
Stirling Hall STIRLG C 28 Stirling C Seating Plan (PDF, 87 KB):
Walter Light Hall WALGHT 210 16 Walter Light 210 Seating Plan (PDF, 56 KB):
Walter Light Hall WALGHT AUD 40 Walter Light AUD Seating Plan (PDF, 79 KB):


Classroom Technology

Each of the classrooms or large lecture halls/auditoriums used this term will be equipped with classroom digital audio-visual (A/V) technology (PDF, 87 KB).  For specific training on the classroom audio visual technology, please complete and submit the ITS Classroom Training Form

    Technology Video Tutorials: 


    Privacy and Remote Teaching and Learning

    The shift to remote teaching and learning introduces potential privacy issues around video conferencing and recordings.  Please refer to the Privacy and Remote Teaching and Learning website from the Queen's University Records Management and Privacy Office. This website provides current information and guidance to instructors on how to manage privacy concerns while teaching remotely.




    Ad Hoc University Space Booking Requests

    Ad hoc space bookings are allowed for activities that have been approved to be on campus. Please consult the current list of approved activities. Note that academic programming and related activities take priority on campus. Ad hoc bookings are only available for the 2020-2021 academic year at this time. This process is intended for booking central university spaces and does not cover departmentally managed spaces.  Please use the Current Classroom Inventory (above) to see a list of current classrooms and their capacities.

    Uses that are not permitted on campus will require approval for ad hoc space bookings, based on the return to campus request process.

    Requests from various groups should be submitted through the respective representatives. This helps to streamline the submission process and confirm that the assigned activities are already permitted on campus. Bookings must be confirmed by 4 p.m. on Thursday for the following week.

    Users are required to keep a roster of attendees to facilitate contact tracing if this information is required.

    Users will also be required to wipe down surfaces with the provided disinfectant wipes prior to use.

    Bookings for student led events, clubs, and events located at exterior locations are not available at this time.  However, the ability to book these types of events is currently being reviewed. Resources for clubs are available at Club Hub.



    Request Submission

    Submit the room reservation request (Requestor)

    • Please submit the booking request to your respective representative. In making a request to your designated Faculty representative, please include details of the function, number of people, and the reason for on campus activity. Upon receipt, the proposed request will be assessed by the representative and he/she will forward it to Timetabling (for academic ad hoc bookings, at acadbook@queensu.ca) or Room Reservations (for non-academic ad hoc bookings, using the central room reservation booking form) for central processing. Bookings must be confirmed by 4 p.m. on Thursday for the following week.
    • Rooms are required to be used in the approved configuration. If the room will be used in a manner different from what is approved, the request will be provided to the Health and Safety subgroup for review.

    Academic and Non-Academic Requests from Faculties

    List of faculty representatives: 

    Non-Academic Requests from Shared Service Units

    List of representatives:

    Affiliated Organizations

    List of representatives:

    • AMS or SGPS – Troy Buchanan (slc.facilities@ams.queensu.ca)
    • Faculty and student associations – faculty representative as listed above (when booking these types of events is permitted)

    Non-Affiliated Organizations

    • Submit the room booking request on the form provided above.
    • The booking request will be forwarded to Darcy McNinch, Office of the VP (Finance and Administration) at darcy.mcninch@queensu.ca.
    • The request will be sent for endorsement to the Provost, and Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration).

    Implementation (Timetabling and/or Room Reservations)

    • Timetabling and/or Room Reservations will review the request and confirm the booking with the appropriate representative who will then inform the requestor.
    • If the confirmed booking can no longer be accommodated, a suitable alternate location may be offered, but cannot be guaranteed.