Conference Schedule

Monday, November 15

Theme: Names
Conference Presentation (10-11 am EST) “The identity beyond the name”

A session about developing an awareness of how to introduce oneself with respect for an Indigenous community's protocols.

Interactive Session (2-3 p.m. EST) “How do I say your name?”

A session on the importance of names and heritage name pronunciation for inclusion and identity.


    Tuesday, November 16

    Theme: Authorial Voice
    Conference Presentation (10-11 am EST) "Culture behind writing: an inquiry into the challenges and cultural influences on second language writing in the Canadian academic context"

    Get an early look at Rubaiyat Jabeen's qualitative research findings about supporting the success of multilingual international undergraduate writers.

    • Deliverer: Rubaiyat Jabeen, PhD candidate at Queen's
    • Audience: students, staff, and faculty
    • Delivery: In person @QUIC
    Interactive Session (2-3 pm EST) “Write Nights: empowering international student writers with choices”

    Participate in this interactive session to experience SASS and QUIC's weekly writing workshop series and learn about the strengths-based approach to empowering students authors in their academic work.

    • Deliverers: Alyssa Foerstner and Lydia Skulstad
    • Audience: students, staff, and faculty
    • Delivery: Zoom registration 

    Wednesday, November 17

    Theme: Making It Work
    Student Panel Discussion (10-11 am EST) "International connections"

    A panel discussion that will centre the reflections of Queen's students who have studied or worked in different cultural contexts, focusing on their acculturative processes and experiences.

    • Panel moderator: Anna Fouks (BAH student, Life Sciences and English)
    • Panelists: Eunju Son (PhD candidate, Social Psychology), Samad Razaghzadeh Shabestari (PhD candidate, Electrical Engineering), Egerton Abulu (Fullbright Killam Fellow, Political Science)
    • Audience: students
    • Delivery: Zoom registration or live video viewing @QUIC
    Interactive Session (2-3 pm EST) "Getting hired in Canada"

    A practical session about navigating Canadian job hiring and work cultures while also navigating racism and cultural biases.

    Thursday, November 18

    Theme: Representation
    SGPS Session (10-11 am EST) "Building communities and opportunities for friendship for international graduate and professional students"

    A session about the new and existing resources and support systems available to help international students create community and friendships. Participants will also have an opportunity to share what they look for when they think of community and learn about the SGPS International Student Advisory Committee.

    • Speakers: Representatives from the International Student Working Group (ISWG), Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC Local 901), Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS), and Queen's University International Centre (QUIC)
    • Audience: graduate students
    • Delivery: Zoom registration
    Staff and Faculty Panel Discussion (2-3 pm EST) "Transitions"

    A panel discussion that will centre the realities, experiences, and journeys of transitioning from international student to staff at a post-secondary institution in Canada.

    • Moderator: Sultan Almajil (Director, QUIC)
    • Panelists: Dr. Margaret Maliszewska (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures), Dr. Derya Güngör (Experiential Learning Hub and Career Services), Jermaine Marshall (Human Rights and Equity Office)
    • Audience: students, staff, and faculty
    • Delivery: Zoom registration or live viewing @Stauffer

    Friday, November 19

    Theme: Celebrating you
    Live recording of a bonus episode of the International Voices at Queen's Podcast (1-2pm EST).

    Join International Voices at Queen's season one podcast host, AmirHossein Sojoodi, and Grad Chat podcast host, Colette Steer, as they are interviewed about their experiences as podcast hosts and what they have learned through the process.

    Sunday, November 21

    Theme: Celebrating you
    ISFAHAN concert at the Isabel Bader Centre (2:30 pm).

    Experience the sounds of traditional Iranian instruments, including the santur, tombak, and setar.