Student Work

There is a wealth of exciting research coming out of Queen's from international students and about international and global topics.

snippet of infographic titled My Research Journey in Canada

Jiale Xie

4th year Health Sciences (BHSc/BScH)

Jiale created an infographic to show the progression of her research journey in Canada as an International Student. You can also click here to hear directly from Jiale about her work.

Collaboration or acknowledgments of people who supported Jiale's research:  

  • Faculty and staff collaborators and supporters: Dr. Rylan Egan, Dr. Denise Stockley, Dr. Susan Boehnke, Dr. Joan Tranmer, Genevieve Pare, Dr. Leslie Flynn, Dr. Nomusa Mngoma, Dr. Giselle Valarezo, Dr. Amber Hastings-Truelove, Dr. Nicolas Cofie, Dr. Jason Gallivan, Dr. Andrew Winterborn 

  • Student collaborators and supporters: Nicole Hajjar, Nicole Shipton, Helen Smith, Sania Sahi, Aquila Akingbade, Colleen Pearce, Danielle Bukovsky, Julia McGregor 

  • Research Teams/Collaborations: Queen’s Health Sciences Dean’s Action Table, School of Nursing, Office of Professional Development & Educational Scholarship, Centre of Neuroscience 

slide from student presentation featuring fashion across the decades

Violet Tang

6th year Art History and Art Conservation (BAH/MA)

Violet created a PPT presentation called "Fashioning the Decades: 100 Years of Dressing in a Chinese Diaspora." You can also click here to hear directly from Violet about her work.

Collaboration or acknowledgments of people who supported your research:

  • Faculty and staff from the Art History Department at Queen’s University: Dr. Jennifer Kennedy, Dr. Johanna Amos, Dr. Ron Spronk, Dr. Juliana Ribeiro de Silva Bevilacqua, Dr. Antonia Behan
  • Chinese Canadian women and their family members that participated and supported my project: Lillian Ho Wong, Paul Yee, Jeanette Lee, Lillian Lowe, Marielle Wall, Karen DarWoon, Linda Yip, Linda Tzang, Cydney Mar, Joyce Wang, and Tiffany Le
  • Design Team/Collaborations: Sofie Jakeli, Sara Cerreto, Blue
  • Research Institutions/Supporters: Museum of Vancouver, The Vancouver Archives,Canadian Museum of History, University of British Columbia Library
Artwork and student photo in same location in Switzerland

Laura Ryan

4th year PhD Candidate in Art History

Laura created a graphic illustrating La Place du Village (1906) (PDF, 303 KB). You can also click here to hear directly from Laura about her work.

Research supported by Queen’s University, including the Bader Fellowship, and the Institut national d'histoire de l'art, Paris, France.  

“Reproducing Woman as “Primitive” Sign: Alice Bailly, Mela Muter, and the Gendering of Modernist Primitivism in the Parisian Avant-Gardes, 1904–1914” 

slide from a presentation on immunotherapy

Ryunosuke Ohno

4th year Health Sciences (BHSc/BScH)

Hear Ryunosuke discuss his research in immunotherapy or peruse the slides for his research presentation, Cytotoxic evaluation of the novel IGF1R CAR-T cell against solid tumors (PDF, 8.2 MB).

Collaborators for my research include:

Wataru Kawahara, Manaka Shinagawa, Shuji Mishima, Yuta Maruyama, Aiko Hasegawa, Miyuki Tanaka, Koichi Hirabayashi, and Yozo Nakazawa, all of which are researchers from Shinshu University in Japan. 

part of student poster, featuring traditional Korean tapestry

Jung-Ah Kim

2nd year Screen Cultures & Curatorial Studies

Jung-Ah created a poster featuring Korean traditional tapestry to highlight her inquiry into older ways of fibre practice such as weaving and weaving machines. You can also click here to hear directly from Jung-Ah about her work.

Research resources thanks to the Textile Museum of Canada and Daegu National Museum in South Korea. Jung-ah hopes it will be supported by more collaborators in the future!