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in Soft Connective Tissue Regeneration/Therapy

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The Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) program is an initiative of the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). 

The CONNECT Training Program provides a unique, enriched, and multidisciplinary training opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students and post-doctoral fellows that are in the process of developing novel, effective treatment approaches for soft connective tissue injuries. In particular, they are exploring new strategies to generate replacement articular cartilage for the knees and hips, anterior cruciate ligaments (ACLs), discs in the skin, and fat tissue.  The strategies have been developed by a group of researchers with varied yet complementary expertise working at the interface between Engineering and the Health Sciences.

The trainees have opportunities to work within the facilities of collaborators at 4 different institutions including:  Queen's UniversityUniversity of CalgaryWestern University, and University of Toronto.

Each trainee undertakes an internship with the following participating biomedical companies:  CellScale, Octane Biotech, and DePuy Synthes Canada.  These trainees will be highly sought after by the growing Canadian biomedical Industry.  There is a significant need within the Canadian biomedical industry for highly trained personnel with the unique skill set that will be developed through the CONNECT training program.  Moreover,  the multidisciplinary environment of the program  will result in novel translatable strategies that could form the basis of new start up companies, which could potentially be initiated and led by the graduates from our program.

CONNECT! Multidisciplinary Training Program Overview and Framework

The framework for the CONNECT! Training Program, highlighting the broad multidisciplinary knowledge and skills being developed through team-based learning approaches
in the design of advance therapies for soft connective tissue regeneration.

Queen's University - Chemical Engineering -Tissue Engineering Lab          Queen's University - Chemical Engineering - Tissue Engineering Lab

Tissue Engineering Lab in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Queen's University