Activities will include a mix of special events, new initiatives and existing activities. Internal and external partners are encouraged to consider their existing events and activities and brand them as part of the anniversary. This tapestry of activities will showcase the Queen’s of today, tomorrow and the history we build on. They are intended to:

  • Enhance the national and international profile of the university
  • Demonstrate Queen’s role as a nation builder
  • Highlight excellence – people, innovation, discovery, leadership
  • Reflect Queen’s global reach
  • Encourage and reflect student engagement
  • Tangibly contribute to and highlight the Initiative Campaign and future Advancement priorities
  • Undertake shared initiatives with the City of Kingston and the community
  • Involve, celebrate and recognize First Nations, Métis and Inuit
  • Involve high-school students
  • Engage and energize all constituent stakeholders.

Special events
In the interests of inclusiveness, no unique launch event is planned. The anniversary will be marked at several events, such as the orientation of the 175th class in September 2016, the Initiative Campaign Close Weekend, Oct. 1-2, Homecoming Weekend, Oct. 14-16, the new Richardson Stadium opening (TBA) and a tree dedication at Summerhill that will mark the 175th anniversary of the signing of the Royal Charter on University Day, Oct. 16.

Other notable events include:

  • The launch of Queen’s third volume of history, Testing Traditions, by University Historian Duncan McDowall
  • The Royal Society annual general meeting at Queen’s, November, 2016
  • Alumni honorary degree recipients in 2016
  • Possible special visits, multi-institutional matters and a confluence of anniversaries
  • The 175 Moments project
  • Many and various student-led initiatives.