Meeting Summaries

Executive Committee meetings


May 12
175 Moments submissions continue to come in after the deadline. An overflow mechanism is planned for those worthy submissions that do not make the final list. Members discussed a preliminary calendar listing of events, which is now posted on the website. D, Walker noted the importance of the scheduling of the 2016 Homecoming Weekend date as early as possible to avoid potential event conflicts. The committee discussed a tree dedication to take place on the afternoon of Sunday, Oct. 16, 2016 – the 175th anniversary of the signing of Queen’s Royal Charter. D. Walker reported on the 175th anniversary quarterly updated to the Principal, which took place on May 11, 2015. A special playlist featuring Queen’s musicians that can be downloaded from Queen’s @ iTunes U is being investigated. Principal Woolf also reinforced the goal of diversity and inclusiveness in the celebrations as much as possible.

April 14
Work on a motto and positioning statement for the 175th Anniversary will be reviewed. For those who require it sooner, the visual identity toolkit is complete and is available to network representatives upon request. The 175th anniversary website will undergo a major redesign. The scope and strategy will be examined in the fall of 2015. The 175 Moments curation process continues. Once chosen, the moments will be reviewed for diversity, breadth of coverage and identification of any gaps. Content and supporting materials will form part of a larger strategy and will be included in the marketing and communications platforms. M. Blair will be liaison member on a new AMS-led student committee planning for the 175th. The 175th will meet with the SGPS in the near future. M. Blair has discussed plans with RMC students related to the various plans, including a special Carr-Harris Cup event. Plans for additional outreach will resume in the fall of 2015.

March 10
Members learned that communication with potential campus producers and providers of commemorative items, clothing and other “swag” has or will take place in the near future.  It has been determined that Advancement Events system of collecting Homecoming events will help in the development of the anniversary year calendar. A 175th anniversary advisory committee under the auspices of the AMS Assembly will be struck and begin work in September. 175th Coordinator M. Blair will be a member and act as a liaison with the executive committee. Outreach meetings with campus and external stakeholders continue; about 54 network representatives have been identified to date.

Jan. 27
D. Walker reported on his quarterly update to the Principal, which took place on Jan. 23. He described outreach activities, engendering support inside and outside the university community and learning about stakeholders’ plans to commemorate the anniversary. Executive members continued their discussion from December what a “soft launch” might look like. Ideas included:

  • Community open houses showcasing student involvement, faculty research, etc.
  • A smaller version of Mini-U involving lectures
  • Queen’s participation in Open Doors Kingston
  • Inviting alumni musicians to perform at a daytime concert

Work continues on the visual identity toolkit. Updates on the 175th are featured in the winter issue of the Queen’s Alumni Review and the online Gazette. A story on the School of Nursing, which celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2016, is planned. It was noted that faculty deans and others are working on alumni honorary degree nominations for 2016. The deadline for submissions is Aug. 14, 2015.


Dec. 9
Members agreed on a “soft-launch” concept. Instead of a single launch date, the 175th could be celebrated as part of a number of other activities at the September Orientation week, Initiative campaign closing Oct. 1 and as part of Homecoming later in October.

Spreading activities over three main events will:

  • Give people more than one opportunity to be part of the opening celebrations
  • Provide more opportunities to build on pre-existing events
  • Provide more latitude when inviting special acts such as the Snowbirds and SkyHawks parachute team
  • Maximize the 175th’s limited budget
  • Address the importance of including all constituents – faculty, staff, students, alumni and the community – in the opening ceremonies.

Nov. 11
Four subcommittees have been created to expedite the work of the executive committee. They are: Athletics and Recreation, Event/Launch, Marketing and Communications and 175 Moments. Members discussed the event-collection process that Advancement uses to populate the Homecoming event program and the benefits of using such a system. Members also learned about the process that Student Affairs uses to sanction events run by undergraduate students. Opportunities to access funding for student—run 175th Anniversary events were also explored. The 175th Anniversary Toolkit is now in development. The 175 Moments project continues with distribution of cards at several fall Advancement events. M. Blair and D. Walker will present to the Board of Trustees on 175th Anniversary planning on Friday, Dec. 5.  Regular articles have appeared in the paper and online Gazette, as well as the Queen’s Alumni Review.

Oct. 14
D. Walker reported on Senate’s unanimous approval on Sept. 30 of the following motion:

In recognition of Queen’s 175th anniversary, the awarding of honorary degrees for the calendar year 2016 be restricted to Queen’s alumni, with the exception of an honorary degree or degrees awarded as a result of a royal visit.

The Queen’s University Alumni Association Board has contributed several names of potential candidates. Faculty deans will also be asked for contributions at upcoming meetings with the 175th Chair. In addition to steering nominations, faculties can also consider creating special home-grown events involving the university community related to an honorary degree recipient’s visit. Leslie Dal Cin, Executive Director of Athletics and Recreation, gave a presentation on branding and promotional opportunities on multiple platforms. Development of a student engagement strategy is under way. M. Blair reported that a committee of student leaders will be formed to discuss plans for the 175th. Its initial purpose will be to advise and provide feedback and later to organize and execute projects. Student clubs will be called upon to centralize the different activities. A teleconference with organizers of Brown University’s 250th Anniversary has provided useful information regarding the planning process, projects and events. A master calendar of events for 2016-17 is under development. Submissions can be emailed to

Sept. 9
D. Walker reported on an upcoming presentation to the Combined Provost, Deans and management group, asking members to consider “supersizing” 2016-17 events, opportunities for co-branding and identifying a point person for the 175th Network of Representatives. Members discussed event sanctioning and approval options. The 175 Moments subcommittee will convene later in the month to discuss project development and methods to solicit 175 Moments submissions. Cards will be distributed at the Tricolour Guard Dinner on Homecoming weekend (Oct. 18-20) and at other Advancement functions throughout the fall. Potential shared initiatives with the City of Kingston were also discussed.

Aug. 15
The committee discussed preparations for the launch of a basic WordPress site in September, 2014. The site, which is linked off the Principal’s website is largely informational. Content will be added and developed as plans progress.  The visual identity, approved unanimously by the VPs, will be added to the site. The 175th Anniversary launch date has been scheduled tentatively for Sept. 16, 2016. Activities will be targeted to different groups; students, trustees and Queen’s and Kingston community members.  Upcoming meetings with key stakeholders and the development of a “Network of Representatives” to liaise with the 175th was discussed. A separate process to engage students via the AMS and SGPS will proceed in parallel. The committee endorsed the proposal that all honorary degree recipients for 2016 be Queen’s alumni in recognition of the 175th Anniversary.

June 27
The Department of National Defence will be contacted to see if the Snowbirds and/or Skyhawks are available to perform during the anniversary year. The creation of a network of representatives from stakeholder groups was discussed. Members responded positively to the visual identity draft. It will also be shared with the Principal and the Advisory Committee. The process of identifying moments that have shaped Queen’s development (the good as well as the bad) has commenced. A small subcommittee to identify the moments that will be then incorporated into various media has been struck. A campaign targeting alumni and current students was considered.

June 6
Discussion centred on calendar development and its potential to be shared on the 175th WordPress site. An update to the 175th Advisory Committee about the visual identity, milestone events, etc., is planned. A communication plan outline was presented. An article on the 175th is planned for the November issue of the Queen’s Alumni Review. Outreach meetings with faculties will be arranged; they will be asked to select a point person to liaise with the executive committee. The 175 Moments project was discussed.

May 12
A master spreadsheet of events and ideas is nearing completion. University Communications will create a one-page background document to ensure consistent messaging and provide contact information to stakeholders and others. The 175th Anniversary website is nearly finished and will be hosted under the Principal’s main site. A Queen’s News Centre article on the 175th resulted in the executive being approached by various groups with ideas for the celebration. Mike Blair, who succeeded Rico Garcia as student coordinator, will refine a student engagement strategy which will involve presenting to the student government presidents’ caucus.

April 22
Members discussed website development. The site, which is scheduled to go live in May 2014, would link off the Principal’s website and would include articles on the 175th. Design work will begin on a visual identity for the 175th as well as a standards guide.

March 18
Members discussed the creation of a master calendar template and agreed that a preliminary WordPress website should be created for the 175th Anniversary. Success measures for the 175th were also discussed, as well as a strategy to engage high-profile alumni.

Feb. 26
Upon reflection on past meetings with the advisory committee and various stakeholders, the committee directed Rico Garcia to compile a list of all ideas/events associated with the 175th. University Marketing will present a creative brief at the next meeting to start the process of developing a visual identity.

Jan. 14
David Walker discussed the upcoming Advisory Committee meeting. He also commented on past meetings with the Queen’s Student Alumni Association and the Mayor of Kingston. He noted that the goal of the 175th with respect to the City was to identify mutually beneficial initiatives that would coincide and complement each other during the celebrations. In anticipation of his graduation from Queen’s this spring, Rico Garcia discussed the hiring of a new coordinator.


Nov. 15
David Walker updated the executive committee on the first meeting of the 175th Advisory Committee. He noted that the group was very engaged with the vision of the anniversary. Members contributed a number of high-level ideas and suggested various contacts to meet with. Updates were provided on meetings between the coordinator and the chair and the Isabel Bader Centre, Sir John A. McDonald Bicentennial Committee, and Queen’s Marketing and Communications departments.

Sept. 6
Principal Woolf commented on the vision of the 175th, noting the importance of celebrating this institutional milestone in an appropriate and effective way. He discussed the need to recognize the past while also focusing on the future of Queen’s. A budget request for promotional purposes was discussed briefly and a preliminary figure was submitted to the Office of the Principal for consideration.