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You Aren’t Alone: Mental Health Help Services at Queen’s

Grad school is hard. Most of us at some point (or points) during our degree could benefit from some mental health help. It can be intimidating to look for services, and there are options available that you might not even

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Close to the Finish Line: Defending your Degree and Dealing with the Nerves

By the time you are reading this, I have just finished defending my PhD. What a wonderful thought that is as I can currently feel the nervous butterflies flutter in my stomach. After 5 years of working on my PhD,

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Grad students or lab rats? Breaking the stigma surrounding work-life balance in grad school

Certainly, it’s no secret that grad students have this immense pressure to be working around the clock. Evenings, weekends, holidays; if we aren’t working, we must be falling behind. If we fall behind, we must not be working hard enough.

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Summer In Kingston: A Beautiful City

Picture this: It’s the summer of 2020, you’ve been quarantining with your family for 2 months, while you count down the days until you’re back at school in September. As an undergraduate student at Queen’s, I was lucky enough to

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New Term, New Me?

‘This term I am reaching all my goals.’ ‘This term I am staying on track and organized.’ ‘This term I can do it all.’ We have all said things like this going into a new semester of graduate school. And

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Going Through Changes

As you grow older and enter new phases in your academic life, you may be looking to make changes in your personal life as well. This feeling took over me on my very first day as a graduate student. I

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Art and Imagination

Although the last day of winter classes has arrived, as grad students our academic roles and responsibilities continue. I often find making art to be the best solution to manage my stress, reset my overcrowded mind, inspire new directions in

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Queen’s Observatory: Unveiling the Sky

Discover the universe like never before at the Queen’s University Observatory! The Queen’s University Observatory has a rich history of sharing the wonders of the universe with the campus and community (https://www.queensu.ca/physics/about/queens-observatory). Established in 1855, it continues to provide students

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Getting Older in Grad School: Adapting Successfully

            Hip Hip Hooray, it is my 12th  birthday in academics. I never consciously counted them until one of my friends asked me the other day how long I have been a student for. With my 30th birthday coming up, I realize, however,

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Self-Compassion: Tips to Recover from a Setback

At some point in our time in graduate school we all will face a setback. Or many setbacks in my experience. These can be related to physical ailments or injuries, burnout, fatigue, financial strain, or mental health issues. I have

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