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On May 31st I took a flight from Toronto to Beijing, China. After 13 hours direct flight and another 3 hours transfer plus 4 hours waiting time, I was finally welcomed by the cool, light and fresh air in Shenzhen.

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Hidden Spots Around Queen’s Campus

An exhibit at the Museum of Health Care

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of being a volunteer judge for the Kingston Regional Heritage Fair. It was such an inspiring experience to listen to young students from a range of grades passionately discuss their historical topics at

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Three Strategies to Alleviate Stress


Without a doubt, we live very busy lives. Our calendars are filled with meetings, our to-do lists contain never-ending tasks, and we can’t seem to keep up with our commitments. Our lives are stressful. And sometimes, the stress takes the

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On writing blocks and getting unstuck


Have you ever experienced a writing block? Last February, I attended a special lecture by Visiting Professor Deborah Britzman. Professor Britzman holds the York Research Chair in Pedagogy and Psycho-Social Transformation. Her lecture was on a topic that is close

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Summer Vacation Tips


Over one night, a neighbor’s Magnolia tree has dressed its yard with full pink flower clusters, proudly blooming on the branches and turning the bleak winter palette into a vibrant tableau. The mind and body cheerfully flee from a cryptic

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Taking Advantage of Nature In/Around Kingston

Making friends on Big Sandy Bay Beach, at Wolfe Island

It’s beginning to feel more like spring! Exams are done, and hopefully all the marking you have had to do is finished as well. For those of you sticking around in Kingston summer, I’m sure you’ve already noticed the libraries

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On Craftsmanship as a Metaphor for Research

Ruben 3

How do you frame your scholarship? Do you have a metaphor for how you approach your thesis or dissertation? In her book Write No Matter What: Advice for Academics, Joli Jensen extols the benefits of craftsmanship as a metaphor or

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Four Suggestions to Overcome Feelings of Burnout


Burnout. The one word that frightens me to my bones. I have never thought that I would be a victim of burnout. I strongly believed that if I enjoyed my work, personal and social life, and maintain a healthy body

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How to Be in School Forever and Still Feel Like a Real Adult


To be in school and to feel like a real adult are not mutually exclusive. We use to think school as an ivory tower bonds our vision and experience in a pure academic environment that filled with passion of exploration

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Battling the Snake: Surviving your Defense

Photo from Heather Merla's research from the Grotta Grande, Boboli Gardens

In Luke Burn’s 2010 article entitled “The ‘Snake Fight’ Portion of Your Thesis Defense”, he describes the battle that all successful PhD students must go through. In case you didn’t know, university guidelines require PhDs to defeat a snake. These

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