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Meet Inner-critic Goat

hello world – meet my goat. This is inner critic goat. I acquired him at a small boutique while in New Hampshire a few weeks ago with friends. He wasn’t called inner-critic goat then, of course. He was just an

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Sugar-free blog-posting

ahrg- well that’s annoying. I just wrote a complete blog post and then somehow clicked on the wrong button and *poof*.. just like that, it was gone. Sorry about that. You would have had to trudge through 500 words about

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New week, new outlook

hi Readers – Firstly, let me thank you all for the comments and support you gave me after last Friday’s post. Yep- I was being pretty angsty. I really appreciated hearing from wise friends doing PhDs who could say the

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Friday morning ball-of-angst

hello, my blog-reading friends! I hope this sunny morning finds you well. I woke up in a relaxed manner… but it all went downhill from there. Here’s why: I made the mistake of reading my HOROSCOPE! Yes, that’s right. I

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hiya readers- I’ve just consumed a significantly-sized latte at the Tea Room on campus. I usually try and resist sipping on expensive, caffeinated beverages unless it’s a special occasion. Today, however, I decided I deserved one. That’s because I am

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Rainy Thursday

Hello, rainy Thursday! I am writing this from the public library — Kingston’s central branch on Johnston street. I met a friend for an early-ish breakfast at the Sleepless Goat this morning. She was heading over to campus to get

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Queen’s is a place where graduate students learn and discover in a close-knit intellectual community. This is the place where you can work and live with the world’s best scholars, whether it’s on a campus park bench at Professor’s Walk,

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Monday morning restless

hiya readers, hello new week! It’s 11:00 am, and I am happy to report that I’ve managed to get a couple things done this morning. Regretfully, it’s all been stuff on the computer, meaning that by now, I am tired

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