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Another grey Monday

Yep, December ain’t messin’ around. It’s grey and snowy today and not (in my humble opinion) in a nice way. It’s cold, and the wind is whipping little snowflakes around in frantic circles. Everyone who has walked past a nearby window in the last few minutes has had their shoulders up around their earlobes.

Sorry to be grumpy, dear readers, but I’m holed up in a downtown coffee shop re-writing my GREB (ethics review) application after getting it back from our department committee (the first stop on the path to getting an ethical thumbs up!).  They wanted me to make a bunch of teeny changes — nothing overwhelming, but all just small and nit-picky enough that I had no will to make ’em. I left it for a few days, but am now realizing that if I don’t get the ball rolling again soon on this process, it’ll be March before I can formally get going with my research. So, I’ve been doing the rewriting, trying to conceive of every possible way that people might be harmed by my research so that I’m free and clear to proceed with doing interviews in the new year.

Hello, academic-hoops! Let me tell you, dear readers: if you can at all avoid it, try not to include people as part of your research. It makes everything much more complicated!

I’m going to push on fairly soon, though. I don’t know about the rest of you, but when the days are grey and short I definitely start to feel it in a low-energy, slight-grumpy-around-the-edges sort of way. That’s why I am heading to the gym for a workout shortly — trying to keep up with some sort of exercise regiment as the holidays descend is probably my best way (and yours!) to avoid descending into xmas-induced holiday madness (and I don’t mean that in the fun, let’s-go-Boxing-Day-shopping way!). Nope — too many parties, too much alcohol, and too many festive baked goods do not necessarily a happy grad student make.

I hope you’ve all got pleasant things planned for the holidays. I’ll be kicking around here for the most part. I’ll be doing my best to put aside my school work — might indulge in a few non-work-related movies and novels. Wheee, holidays! I just ran into a friend (and fellow grad student) who is heading home for the holidays later this week. When I asked her if she’d be taking any school work, she laughed. She said she knew better than to pretend she’d get any work done. She was going to embrace a full and guilt-free break.

Here’s hoping you’re planning to do the same!

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