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Sunny, stretchy work-day

hiya readers-

Well, it’s a beautiful day in Kingston. Absolutely frigid, but also brilliantly sunny. Once you’re walking (if you keep to a good clip) you hardly feel the cold.

I’m pleased to report that I am having a moderately productive day, and that I’m feeling good. I was out to a yoga class this morning (probably every day should start with stretching!) and have been busily working on the annotated bibliography for my thesis project since thing. I have a big stack of books beside me that I’ve been picking away at. It’s been quite fun.

After feeling like I was floundering a bit in the last little while (and then being thrown a bit by getting sick), I feel like I’m finally getting back on track —  or at least that I can SEE the track now, whereas before it seemed perpetually snow-covered. I had a good meeting with my supervisor yesterday. She suggested some things I could be working towards, as well as some strategies for getting my work done. The most helpful, I think, was to set myself an hour goal every day. In other words, rather than thinking “arhg. I need to get some work done” in a generalized (and anxiety inducing) way, she advised me to instead set out to do, say, three or four hours of dedicated thesis work per day. “Then,” she said wisely, “you can do errands, or work-out, or whatever it is you have to do with the rest of your day, but you’ll feel good for having done your school work.”

I think she is right. Already today I feel certain that I can do at least three hours’ worth of academically related work, even on a brilliantly sunny day like this one. The other thing that has definitely helped is having concrete goals to work towards. My supervisor and I set a date for my Proposal Approval Meeting (PAM) — two weeks from now! Having that to works towards (and knowing I’ll be expected to defend my proposal for study before people who know more than me!) has definitely helped light a fire under my bum.

The other nice thing (now that I’m back at it) is realizing that there is so much great stuff to read and think about — it needn’t be oppressive…school work can also be fun and exciting!

That said, I should probably get back to it. I’ve got deadlines to meet and many more words to read before this day is done.

I hope you all have splendid weekends!

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