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Monday, Monday…

Well, here we go again! Another week, another giant To-Do list looms.

I’m having a lot of trouble finding my get-up-and-go this morning. It could be the weird weather — it’s very grey and rainy.. sort of spring like. Word is, however, that by this evening we’ll be back down below zero degrees again, and all the newly formed puddles will be great sheets of ice. Can’t wait! (har har).

I’m at the library, where things are quiet and studious. I’m surrounded by very focused people with this noses in their books or glued (productively) to their computers. I can’t help but notice all but a very small handful of this Monday morning group are women. Seriously- there must be at least 20 women in here, and um… maybe 3 men. Interesting.

So: goals — I’m going to have to set some for the day if I’m going to get anything done! My brain is moving in slow-motion today, but I’m expecting it to kick into gear at any moment. Hear that, brain? Time to get moving.

One of the reasons I suspect I’m feeling so sluggish this morning is the heat in my apartment. My apartment is SO WARM, that I can barely concentrate. For some reason, my apartment, which is on the second floor of a Victorian-era house, is the hottest in the building. The heat is controlled in the first floor apartment — and the woman who lives in it often complains of feeling cold. Although I don’t want her to suffer, I end up sweltering when she cranks the heat.

I had the kitchen window wide open this morning until a curious squirrel, lured over by the smell of muffins and granola (made last night), latched on to the window screen hopefully. Because I had no plans to share my food with him, I shut the window to keep him from suffering — but ended up suffering myself in the sweltering heat! gah.

OK- so I’ve got to do like the productive people around me and get going with my work. I’m determined to finish this draft of my proposal today. I’d like to get it handed in today so I can get going with all the other stuff (it’s endless!)…

Here’s to another productive week! And for those of you who are taking/teaching classes, take heart: reading week is coming up fast…

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