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I’m Yazan Qasrawi, a Ph.D. candidate in the department of civil engineering. Since coming to Queen’s from Jordan in 2000, I have completed an undergraduate as well as a graduate degree as an international student, took advantage of the work study program, and applied for and obtained permanent residency. Thus I am acquainted with many of the issues facing international students.

I plan to cover the following topics over the course of 2011 in this blog:

  1. Considerations to studying in Canada
  2. Applying to Queen’s
  3. Moving to Kingston
  4. Housing Options
  5. Social Issues
  6. School Issues
  7. Home Issues
  8. Health Issues
  9. Scholarships and Awards
  10. Work Study
  11. Graduation and Beyond

I will probably post once or twice a month and I will make every effort to ensure that the information provided is useful, accurate and up to date.

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One comment on “New SGS International Student Blog
  1. Another Cultural Studies Student says:

    Welcome Yazan,
    Your thoughts and observations here are going to be very valuable…not just to students arriving in Canada for the first time, but for Canadian-born students who want to be welcoming.
    Sometimes we’re so unfamiliar with other cultures, and for many Canadians from smaller towns, the cultures of the Middle East remain exotic and mysterious. We want to make you feel included and comfortable here, but we’ve been distant for so long that we have a lot of catching up to do. So I hope that as you describe your experiences getting acclimatized, you’ll consider adding some tips along the lines of “Being a Good Host and Friend to Foreign Students for Dummies” to let us know what we have overlooked in the past.
    I’m looking forward to learning about your experiences, and hoping that as I read, I’ll learn what I need to do to make the foreign student in my class feel welcome and comfortable.

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