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Trying to work when it’s nice out (and other predicaments)

hi all- Meredith here.

So I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am terribly affected by the weather. On grey days, I can’t get focused because it’s too grey out. I feel heavy and tired and unmotivated. But on bright, sunny, optimistic days like this one (we can all feel spring in the air!), I can’t focus either.

I know! Crazy, right?

That’s because beautiful sunny days like this call me out into them! It’s impossible to focus on anything when all you want to do is rush out into the sunshine and take giant, desperate gasps of fresh air.

But alas. I’m at the library. I’m TRYING to get some work done. This week has been a tricky one, work-wise. I’ve had a million and a half things to do, and have been getting a little anxious and antsy about not getting to them.

It’s been one of those weeks that has ended up being social — mostly in a good way: a visit from my mother, a meal with a friend who was in town to play a show, etc. I also enjoyed some unplanned socializing — always nice in the moment, but tinged with a big of regret afterwords as you come to terms with how much work you got still waiting to get done.

I really am shocked to find that it’s already mid-March. Yesterday was St. Patrick’s day, and campus was transformed into a sea of revealing green (St. Patrick’s day has become, like Hallowe’en, another excuse for people to wear very little and parade around campus — don’t I sound old and curmudgeonly?).

I’m starting to feel the pinch of time — especially around the progress of my Master’s project. A lot of my peers are already hard at work on interviewing and gathering up content so that they can get started with their writing. I fear I’ve been spending a lot of time fussing around with the technical end of the website I am creating as a holding place for my research. It’s proving tricky and annoying! (plus, it’s sort of a good place to hang out and feel like I’m working, without having to produce any actual CONTENT). eek.

Ok, I’m turning my attention to my work now for a few hours. The weekend is almost upon us, and I have big plans for this evening: that’s right, I am going to my first Kingston Frontenacs hockey game at the K-Rock centre. It’s one of the last regular season games (or so I’m told) and a bunch of us are going. I can’t say I’m a huge hockey fan, but I think it’ll be an interesting experience none-the-less (after all, everything is interesting in some way, right?).

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