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Just An April Fool

hi friends- Meredith here.

I’m in Toronto where it is gloriously warm and sunny, and I am terrifically over-dressed in a wooly coat and scarf. Ah well… I ain’t complaining. I’m all about the sun.

I arrived here on the train last night specifically to attend a special screening. Years ago I started a small film festival called the One Minute Film and Video Festival, which I ran with friends in a very grassroots way (re. non-paying) from 2003 to 2007.  The idea behind the festival was that every year we would assign a theme, and then people all over the world (seriously, we had submissions from all over the world) would go out and make short films/videos on that theme. Once a year we’d have a fun night where we’d screen them (all vaguely related) as part of a one night ‘festival’ at a local movie theatre. It was fun, but a LOT of work (as any grassroots venture usually is!). We put the festival on hiatus when we all got busy with a bunch of different projects.

Well, last night was a big deal because my friend Matt (who started the fest with me oh so many years ago) decided to revive the show — and last night was the big event. It was a great night! It was really interesting to get to sit back and watch as an audience member, rather than as a concerned and distracted organizer.

The selection of shorts that screened last night were fun, charming, thought-provoking, and funny… the whole gamut. And, I am happy to tell you, I left feeling inspired. Because I’ve chosen to pursue the ‘project option’ as part of my Master’s thesis, I am constantly thinking about interesting ways I can tell stories, engage audiences and present my research in a non-traditional format.

Because I have ties to the film department (and an undergrad degree in film!), that’s the obvious place to start. I’ve been toying with the idea of making a collection of very short film/video projects (maybe the one-minute-long format is a good place to start?) that I can incorporate into my final on-line project. Seeing last night’s selection of shorts was a good reminder of just what can be accomplished. I’ve got lots to think about.

I was hoping to get some work done this afternoon, but I have a feeling I will be lured into the outdoors instead. Still, I think being in a different place and seeing different things/talking to different people, can provide important fodder to contemplation and idea generating. Or at least that’s how I’ll justify it to myself today…

Happy friday!

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One comment on “Just An April Fool
  1. Awesome Meredith. I had the pleasure of attending the short film festival in Sydney, Australia(Tropfest) many times. You should check it out. You get to watch these films out in the sun with your picnic and blanket! http://www.tropfest.com/au/default.aspx

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