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Getting a work-groove on

hiya people – Meredith here.

It’s Tuesday: grey and cloudy. Damp. Spring-like, I guess (“I believe you’re experience the April Showers part of spring, Meredith. I suppose you’ve heard that they bring May flowers?” “Ah, right. Thanks”).

I started the day with a coffee date and a meeting… now hunkering down with my work. I’m feeling quite buoyed after a productive start to the week yesterday. My most significant accomplishment was that I finally started posting writing — in earnest — on the project blog that I am keeping as part of my thesis project. I wrote a big long entry yesterday and posted it… and was pleasantly surprised (and kind of amazed!) but the incredibly enthusiastic response it was met with.

(Here’s a link to the blog: www.thelasttriangle.com)

Almost as soon as I posted it (and then advertised my posting using Twitter and Facebook) people started responding to what I’d written. I had posts directly to the blog (long, thoughtful posts…leaving lots of room to carry on the conversation). I had posts on my Facebook page, most of them encouraging of the work/writing. I had reaction on Twitter (you can follow me there if you like — I’m @thelasttriangle). And I saw people re-posting my blog post on Facebook and Twitter, where others began to comment…

I felt inspired.

My own work, which feels like a bit of a slog sometimes, all of a sudden felt exciting and interesting. I have to say that having people react to it the way they did, in the big forum we call the blogosphere, was hugely validating. The feeling I have now is not only that I WANT to keep writing/reading/thinking about this topic — I now feel obliged to do it. A whole lot of readers are waiting for updates, ready to continue the conversation.

Indeed, part of the reason I wanted to present my research in a blog format — rather than as a traditional long-form thesis — is because of the chance I figured it would give me to engage with people… people OUTSIDE of the sometimes self-referencing academic bubble (not that I have anything against the bubble at all… I just find the world outside the bubble pretty interesting, too).

So, I guess we’ll see what happens next. My goal is to post to the project blog about three times a week. Sometimes I will be writing substantial, longer-form articles. Sometimes I will be linking to interesting things that I’ve read/seen out their on the interweb. I hope, also, to be posting videos that I made/interviews that I gather, as a place to further conversations/debates.

We’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted.

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