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hi all – Meredith here.

Sorry for my prolonged absence — I kept meaning to post something over the weekend and the days just kept getting away from me. I was dancing in the annual Kingston School of Dance performance this weekend. We did shows on Friday night and Saturday night, and there was a dress rehearsal on Thursday (ie. a LOT of my time went to dancing this weekend).

To top things off, my mom and my step-father came to town to see me dance (yes, it did make me feel a bit like I was a little kid again, having them come see me in a dance recital, but it was nice!), meaning I didn’t get a whole lot of work done in my non-dancing hours.

But you know what? It was a nice weekend – fun and memorable – so I’m not too worried about all the work that didn’t get done. Today is a grey, rainy Monday and I’m feeling ready to be hunkered down inside with my books and computer.

And I got a lovely piece of mail this morning which has set my week off on the right foot.

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from a woman I had never met before. She’d been reading my blog (not this one, but the blog I am writing as part of my thesis project: www.thelasttriangle.com) online and had written to tell me how much she liked it. She then told me that it had inspired a ‘zine (a hand-written, photocopied, and fully self-made publication), and that she wanted to send me a copy.

That’s why I was so very thrilled to open my mailbox (Canada Post strike notwithstanding!) and find her little brown envelope waiting for me this morning.

Her ‘zine, called “Lady Gardens” is a totally charming little publication chock-full of references to my blog. I have to admit, it was so satisfying to realize that my work was having a real impact on someone out in the world (and indeed, publishing my research in a blog format was a deliberate way to try and engage with a real audience, rather than having my work gather dust on a bookshelf). It was so fascinating to see myself quoted in “Lady Gardens” – and to find that I kinda liked what I had to say!

I guess that’s it for now — there is much to be done before this afternoon wraps itself up and morphs into evening. Stanley Cup final (maybe) tonight – I may keep an eye on the game just to appease my friends who are Canucks fans. wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Bye for now…

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