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hiya faithful readers – Meredith here.

Sorry for not writing a second time last week — I got caught up in things it just plain slipped my mind. My plan was to write on Friday, but I ended up doing more ‘Julyna’ media stuff (related to my thesis project)… two interviews with CBC Radio in Halifax (where I used to work!). I then jetted off to Ottawa on Friday afternoon for another performance with my dance group…arriving back in Kingston on Saturday late afternoon where I tried (but oh, how it can be hard on a warm summer afternoon!) to hunker down and tick things off the to-do list.

Kingston has been hot but beautiful lately. We’re seeing more reasonable temperatures now, but man-oh-man, for awhile there (especially towards the end of last week) my only real route for maintaining sanity was to work at Stauffer library. And I wasn’t the only one: I haven’t seen Stauffer that busy all summer!

I wish I could say that I was churning out content like a mad-person, but alas…it’s been rather slow-going. I was out last night with some friends, many of whom are pursuing M.A. degrees in other disciplines. It was humbling to sit with friends who had their work neatly in hand: one had just submitted the final draft of her thesis, while another was sorting out a small handful of revisions with a completion date well in-sigh. Two more seemed confident they’d get it all done on-time.

I have to keep reminding myself that because I am doing a different sort of project (particularly a blog-based project, rather than a traditional thesis with chapters and etc), my time-line and output don’t match up with theirs. Still, as much as I was reasoning with myself, it was hard to keep the tiny, nagging voice of anxiety at bay while listening to them announce (gleefully, as they should be!) how far they’ve come.


Another big difference is that they all have full-time jobs lined up and/or will be starting PhD programs in September, I’m a bit more of a loose cannon — exploring my options, tapping into my network of contacts, trying to trust that the universe will help me keep food on my table and gainful employment in my back pocket. It means that I’ve got a little more flexibility with my final deadline — which is good, because a small chunk of every day also has to go into beating the bushes so I’ve got work in the fall. Whew.

I’m off to a yoga class this morning — a small indulgence when I’ve got a lot of deadlines to meet, but helpful in its way because it helps keep me focused and present.

I’ll check in again before the weekend — until then, happy working!

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