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Monday, Monday (holiday-mode)

hello Monday! (hello, everyone!) Meredith here.

I’m still in Halifax, fortifying my friendship-coffers with many many visits and general catch-up sessions with all kinds of great people. Today I’m at a Halifax coffee shop called Java Blend, where it seems everyone I know likes to stop in to fuel up on freshly roasted caffeinated beverages.

I’ve more-or-less given up on getting any work done. Though I’ve got writing to do, I’ve decided to use my time here to fortify my spirits and focus on giving my ideas a little room to roam. I’m doing my best to embrace the idea of a true vacation.

I’ll admit, however, that it can be challenging to try and walk around in a carefree, vacation-minded state when you’re used to being at the mercy of your to-do list. And actually, I’d be lying if I said it was a true vacation — because a vacation generally encourages participation in new activities and/or seeing new places. Since I lived here before, being here now doesn’t exactly have that exciting air of newness about it.

And I must admit, one of the most tiring parts of the visit has been answering the following questions: 1) are you almost done in grad school/when do you graduate? and 2) what are you going to do next?

After all, when things feel a bit up in the air, those kinds of questions can be stress-invoking. I still don’t know if I’ll be defending in September or October. I’m still waiting for feedback from my supervisor on the last draft I submitted of my last paper.

As for the what next questions… well, I suppose there are a few possibilities in the air. I have to remind people, however, that I’m getting an M.A. in Cultural Studies — a degree that has enabled me to spend two years thinking about ideas and coming up with a project of my own, but that doesn’t necessarily funnel me right into a job. My next steps are going to require some creativity and some good solid networking as I do my best to determine my next path. These are interesting times…

For now, anyway, I am taking things one day at a time (or trying!) in a bid to live in the moment/get my head all cleared out and ready to take on the next phase of things (revisions when I get back, my defense — be it in September or October, etc). I hope you are all enjoying these last precious days of summer, too!

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