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(Almost) back to school…

hi all- Meredith here.

I’m back in Kingston — I arrived yesterday evening after spending the day in Ottawa (where I did some more visiting — that’s where my plane from Halifax landed on Wednesday evening).

I’ll admit it: I was feeling a little wary about coming back, not because Kingston isn’t a fine little city, but because my coming home felt like a re-entry of sorts: back to work, back to school, goodbye summer.

And it’s fair to say that the city I left is not the same city as the one I have come home to. Firstly, the undergraduate students are back, giving the city a distinctly different feel. I was on campus today and things are definitely more busy and buzzy (I even saw my first group of frosh handcuffed together into a solid walking-pack).

I must say, that being in Kingston in the summer really does spoil a person — things are quiet and beautiful (boy-oh-boy, I kinda sound like an old person, no?) and it’s easy to get a table at a cafe, or onto a piece of equipment at the gym.

Now I AM rather getting ahead of myself: it’s Friday before a long-weekend, so the real student onslaught doesn’t even begin until later next week. What I ought to be doing is savouring these last few days of sun and space — and readying myself to do some good old complaining next week …

It’s always hard to come back to reality after a holiday, even at the best of times. After spending my days visiting with friends, eating meals out, and sipping beer on patios, I have to get back to my normal grad student ways: diligently producing work, carefully counting my pennies, and generally turning my attention to the projects and opportunities I want to work towards next.

Unsurprisingly, it’s not nearly as much fun.

Still, my trip to Halifax was good for me because it allowed me a little time and space to be with myself and my thoughts – and to be away from my work. The result was that I started to feel more creative and energized, and started to dream a bit about what might be possible for my future. I’ve definitely got some ideas about what I’d like to do next (particularly projects that seem to proceed nicely right out of my thesis work) and it will feel good to hunker down and get started.

I’m going to do my best to enjoy the long weekend, though. My landlords are hosting a pizza party this evening to welcome all the new people into our little house (it’s got five apartments and a few new bodies have joined us), which should be fun. While I’ve got some work to do, I will also take some time to reconnect with friends here, and to spend some time on my lovely little balcony.

Happy Weekending, all!

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