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hiya- Meredith here.

Well, THAT week certainly blew by, didn’t it? It’s already Saturday…a sunny one (thankfully!) but chilly around the edges. Fall is really edging her way in.

What can I tell you about the week? Nothing too exciting to report, I fear. I worked. I socialized. I made plans. I reacclimatized to a campus over-run with people!

I spent a little time working at the Stauffer library (as I was doing over the summer) but remembered it’s no place for a graduate student who needs to focus: too many undergrads just don’t get the idea of being QUIET in the designated QUIET ZONES. I had to give a pair of young women a bit of an evil eye yesterday afternoon — one seemed to get it and reduced her chatter to a whisper, while the other just kept saying inane things aloud. Sigh. (Don’t I sound curmudgeonly! gosh).

I’m going to put in a few hours worth of work today, but I’ll also take some breaks (and I recommend you do to!). If you’re looking for a little Kingston-diversion this weekend, here’s what I suggest:

All day today, the Kingston Multicultural Arts Festival takes the downtown core by storm. There will be dance and music performances, workshops, and lots of great food. It all takes place in and around Confederation Park from 11:00am – 4:30pm.

More info is available here: http://kingstonmulticultural.ca/festival/festival-schedule/

If you’re looking for something that’s cultural in quite a different way, you might want to check out the 181st (whoa!) Kingston Fall Fair which is set up at the Memorial Centre until Sunday. Today there will be horse shows all day, along with lawn tractor races (really!), a celebrity pie baking auction, judging of the goat show, and a petty zoo, along with the customary midway full of dubious-looking rides (I, personally, am not a huge fan of being whipped around or tossed upside-down in the name of fun).

I was actually at the fair on Thursday night — I went with a bunch of sociology grad students to take in the demolition derby. Indeed – it’s quite a spectacle! A bunch of cars smash into one another inside a pen until only is still running (we had a group of non-Canadian students with us, all of whom may now be reconsidering their decisions to study in this crazy country).

Here’s a photo:

See? Fun times, right?

Ok, well I guess that’s it for now. I’m going to try and do another hour or so of work before I head over to catch my friend’s performance in a samba band at the multicultural festival. Happy weekending, all!

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