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hello all – Meredith here.

I’m at the library today — it’s been relatively quiet so far. Some days I find it hard to work here because the people around me often don’t really understand what it means to be QUIET (don’t I sound curmudgeonly!) – but today’s been good.

I’ve been working across from a couple of first years: you can tell they’re still fresh because they take careful notes from their barely-cracked text books and they stay relatively silent while they do it.

I have been having a heck of a time focusing today: I have lots to do, but I also have lots of email to answer and other administrative tasks to attend to, and they are an easy way to procrastinate on getting the important stuff done.

I am actually frustrated by how long it is taking me to get this last paper re-written. I must be the greatest procrastinator in the history of the world: the days pass, continually filled up with things, but I am making very slow progress on the actual paper.

These days, I am very distracted with plotting my future. Because even though I know I am a little behind (technically, I have to defend my thesis by the end of this month in order to graduate ‘on time’, which I now know for sure isn’t going to happen), I know it will happen soon enough. And after that, the world is my oyster, right?

In many ways, it would be nice to stay in Kingston when I graduate: this city has a lovely, leisurely lifestyle, a nice sense of community and between the lake and the nearby provincial parks, is a great place to call home. The work situation here can be a little more challenging, however — and that’s mostly because the institutions here generate so many educated people seeking work, many of whom would love to stay — there couldn’t possibly be enough jobs to keep us all happy.

That said, the people at KEDCO are keen to try and help us find work here so we can stay. One of their jobs is to encourage us to set up shop here in Kingston — to put down roots and raise families here, and to help keep the economy thriving. In fact, if you’re keen on trying to find a way to stay here, it would definitely be worth going to see Elizabeth Allen (you can read the profile I wrote about her here) at the Career Services office on campus. She’s got great ideas about what kinds of opportunities are available in this city, work-wise.

ok- I should get back to work…there’s lots to be done! Happy week to you all!

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