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Driven to Distraction

hi all – Meredith here.

So I’m doing my best to shake off the post-degree (mild) malaise (I don’t want to sound like a whiner…it’s just that I have been feeling at loose ends since defending my Master’s last week!). I’ve been doing things like sorting through papers in my apartment and having lots of tea/coffee dates with friends I owed catch-up time.

And now, because I have the time, I am about to set off on a road trip for a few days. I’m going to rent a car and stop in to see friends in and around the Toronto area — Peterborough, Kitchener… you get the idea. I’m actually calling my adventure The Baby Circuit, since the main motivator is a chance to visit a whole whack of new babies born in the last year or so. I’ve been joking that I should fill my trunk up with generic baby gifts and toss them out like Santa Claus wherever I land. B

Being in my mid-thirties, there really has been a baby explosion of late — every time I turn around, someone is procreating. Not that I’m complaining! Not having kids of my own, I like having little rug-rats to hang out with when I decide to.

I’m looking forward to this little journey, though. I’ve been feeling a little anxiety lately — mostly around the big changes I’ve got coming up (moving to a new city, starting a new job). There’s always a lot of uncertainty around newness — and while that newness can be exciting when you’re in the right frame-of-mind, it can be hard to keep focused and to trust that it’s all going to be ok.

Hence the road trip.

I think the chance to be alone with my thoughts, the radio/my ipod and the open road (with the reward of baby-visiting at the end of each leg of the trip) will be a good way to keep myself distracted.

Not that I have nothing to do, exactly. I’ve got articles to write, along with a book proposal based on my thesis work (think I have the will to write that these days? heck, no). But really… in no time it’s going to be a lot harder to take off for five days of (somewhat spontaneous) friend-visiting. Plus, this trip will give me a good chance to check out fall’s spectacular colours as I make my way through Southern Ontario.

Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope you have a lovely time. Don’t work too hard!

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