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hi all -Meredith here.

Greetings from Guelph! I’m still on my baby-tour. I spent last night in Acton (yes, my friends have hear the “it’s worth the drive” jokes, all of ’em) and am on my way to Kitchener where I will visit the newest baby in my roster — a one-month old. I was tooling my way along highway 7 which took me through Guelph. Since I had a little time between visits, I decided I’d park the car and go for a stroll. I’m in the nicest little cafe called the Red Brick Cafe. It seems pretty student-friendly.

After living in Kingston, it’s interesting hanging out in another university-town with a similar vibe/lots of similar-looking people kicking around. This city’s also got beautiful buildings, a vibrant downtown (stocked with university-student-friendly shopping opportunities) and lots of bars and internet-ready coffee shops).

I really am having quite the little holiday, I must say. I know there are things I should be writing/emails I should be sending/things I should be getting lined up for The Next Phase of my life, but I’m having too much fun. I’ve been doing lots of visiting, spending money as if I’m a normal adult with a salary (which I am not.. yet…but I have hope that it will happen!)

Saturday night I accomplished an amazing feat by getting all my high school pals together for a hangout session (something I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to plan for months now!). There were eight grown-ups, two kids and two babies which, let me tell you, is a hard thing to convince a restaurant to accommodate, especially if you haven’t made a reservation! We managed it, however, and it was such fun.

Sunday I kicked around Toronto, visiting people and generally enjoying the city on a beautiful day.

I’m getting a little antsy, however, when I think about all the stuff I SHOULD be doing right now. I’m using this road trip as a major procrastinatory tactic, I think!

Ok, I guess that’s it for now. For anyone taking part in fall convocation, I’d like to remind you that if you haven’t done it yet, you should definitely be renting your gown online. Up until November 3rd, it’ll only set you back $30 to book your attire online. If you do it the day of, it will cost $55. Here’s a link to the rental page:


I guess that’s it for me for today. Enjoy the day, wherever you are!

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