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Writing on a Train

hi all – Meredith here. I’m on the train, hurtling through some very beautiful scenery at the moment. Everything is lit with striking mid-fall, golden light which is quite lovely. I’ve spend most of this journey on my computer, catching up on the emails and various administrative odd-jobs I’ve been neglecting over the last couple of days.

I haven’t been ignoring it all on purpose. Honestly, I’ve been feeling so frazzled and unfocused that it’s been hard for me to turn my attention to anything important lately. I feel like all I’ve been doing it tidying my apartment in an endless loop, moving things from one pile to another, trying to figure out what to move, what to give away and what to leave behind.

For the next month I am going to be living a bit of a strange double life, dividing my time between Kingston and Ottawa. Though I start my job with the CBC tomorrow (they are having me start a day early so I can get oriented), I won’t be committing to an apartment in Ottawa until the beginning of December. Instead, I will be staying with friends in my new city while I continue to pay rent in Kingston (heading back on weekends to get loose ends tied up and to finish packing).

In some ways it still hasn’t hit me that I’m moving to Ottawa. I feel, instead, like I’ll be working in Ottawa, but still living in Kingston, jetting back and forth as if the two cities were not almost two hours away from one another.

Preparing to leaving Kingston has been tough. I know people complain about its size sometimes, but it really is a lovely place to live. I have enjoyed being so close to the lake and in a city that’s small enough that you can easily make friends at coffee shops, just because you see the same people there day after day.

Now that The Next Phase of my life is formally underway (I’m on the train that is whisking me to it), I am going to have to turn my attention back to all the tasks I’ve been neglecting in the lead up to my leaving. I’ve just spent almost this entire journey catching up on email, for example, and I still have a ways to go (if I owe you one, please accept my apologies…I’ll get back to you soon!).

Big changes are never easy for anyone, but I’ve been known for find them especially hard. I’m going to have to keep reminding myself to take things one day at a time, and to remember that my life in Kingston took me nearly two years to build!

By the time I post again I should have some sense of how work is going — stay tuned for updates…

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