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Back on the Job

hi all – Meredith here.

Sorry for not writing sooner. I have been meaning to write for a couple of days, but again.. the 9-5 life is sucking me dry! As regular readers will know, I’m back working at CBC Radio again, and that means long, intense days writing scripts and generally working behind the scenes of a radio show.

Because I bike to work every morning (the biking here is great – my route takes me along the Rideau River and the Canal!), I have to be on-the-road by 8:30am. So by the time I wake up and get dressed, make my lunch and check my email, I don’t usually have time for much else (though I am making time to write this morning!).

The days are intense and barely afford me time to go for a walk around the block, let alone catch up on email. Yesterday I lined up a panel discussion and two interviews for the morning show (I wrote them yesterday and they happened this morning on the show).

It’s interesting having to write to a short, tight deadline after two years of grad school’s long, extended, loose deadline. Towards the end of the day yesterday I was sitting in front of my computer at a complete loss for words. I had to write an introduction and a script for an interview and I was drawing a COMPLETE blank. I swear – I sat before the screen and couldn’t make the words come together in a neat, catchy little package.

If I had been writing to my own deadline, I would have said to myself “self, why don’t you take a break/go for a walk/get a snack/check your email/do it tomorrow.”

Because the interview was going to air early the next morning, I knew I had to get it done before I left for the day. THERE WAS NO OTHER OPTION. So (I wish I could have harnessed this more when I was in school), I just had to keep going.

I wrote a few words, then deleted them. Then I wrote a few more, looked at them for a few minutes, and then moved them around. I am pleased to report that once I had a few words down on the screen, things started flowing more smoothly. Clearly, it was just another reminder that STARTING is the best way to get going if you’re feeling stuck.

I’m off to work for yet another day — and then tonight I am heading to the symphony with a friend I know from when I worked at the CBC in Halifax. Busy days! I am looking forward to being back in Kingston next week for convocation.

Talk to you again soon!

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  1. shasha says:

    Nice Story Meredith

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