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Higher Education Humour!

While the tradition of oral storytelling has been replaced by the email forward or Facebook message, the idea remains the same. We pass down stories from generation to generation, from postdocs to PhDs to Masters students and onwards. And now those stories take the form of websites, blogposts and cats doing silly things.

I’m going to end the year with some of my favourite funny reads. It’s a stressful time of the semester, and most people have exams and assignments and projects to finish. If you’re really lucky, you also have a bunch to mark before you can leave too! Yay!

And so, in the spirit of the season, I’m going to share some of my favourite links with you to try and lighten that load.


Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma related to gravitational challenge: systematic review of randomised controlled trials

Those of us in clinical research know the mantra of: “a randomized trial is the highest form of evidence.” However, as this article points out, not all hypotheses need clinical trials. The Christmas issues of the BMJ (British Medical Journal) and CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) often contain offbeat articles, such as this one, titled “How to ensure that you never get asked to present at rounds again.”


FAQ: The “Snake Fight” Portion of your thesis defense

A handy FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on the “Snake Fight” portion of your thesis defense. I remember mine … I distracted the snake with the Special Limited Edition Hi Def Extended Directors Cut of Lord of the Rings. 27 hours later and it was too tired to fight.


PhD Comics

If you’re in graduate school, you either read this regularly, or you have this sent to you. Jorge Cham does a great job of capturing the graduate school experience – be that how our productivity changes over the week, if you’re playing seminar bingo, or the Ode to a Cookie.

And then there’s the amazing #WHATSHOULDWECALLGRADSCHOOL tumblr. Here are my top three GIFs – There are many, many more though, and often a GIF can capture your emotions in ways mere words cannot.

When I sneak out of a boring seminar
Caption: When I sneak out of a boring seminar

When someone mentions free food
Caption: When someone mentions free food

When someone asks a question during my presentation and I already have a slide to answer it.
Caption: When someone asks a question during my presentation and I already have a slide to answer it.


Grad school is a fun experience, and if it’s one thing grad students can do it’s laugh at it. Do you have a favourite link I missed out? Post it in the comments!

Have a great break everyone! See you in January!

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4 comments on “Higher Education Humour!
  1. Colette says:

    Hi Atif
    I love the way you can capture the spirit of Grad School. thanks for these thoughts and Gifs. Keep them coming in the new year.

  2. Beth says:

    Great work, Atif!

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