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International Students’ Language Barrier – Guest Contributor Xiaoqian Liu

Our second entry, a lovely piece by Queen’s 3MT winner, Xiaoqian Liu.

As an international student at Queen’s, with English being my second language, for many times, I have heard my friends complaining how language barrier blocks their progress in study. I once complained so, too. It is “unfair”, indeed. However, my friends, language barrier is just a “paper tiger”. It will not stop us if we do not let it. Let me share some of my own experiences.

The most difficult part is, probably, to engage in class. We need to process what instructors and classmates have said. Meanwhile, we have to come up with something to say in order to get involved in the discussion. At the beginning, for the most of time, I kept silent. Soon I realized it would not work in this way, so I started with a few words, such as a question. Gradually I could speak two sentences, three, four…… Don’t be afraid of making mistakes when speaking. Everyone makes mistakes. Even when I speak my first language, I make mistakes. Well, you may be worried that others may laugh at you, thinking you are saying something silly. Friends, you are not living for others, so do not let how others look at you dominate your life.

Then, writing. It is hard for us to write in English as smooth as in our first language. It always takes us tons of time to write, right? If you are saying “yes”, I can tell you that you are making progress. It will take some time, but later you will find you have achieved a lot. We are too anxious and ambitious sometimes. We must give permission to ourselves to be human beings, and we must be patient with ourselves. No one can write beautifully in one or two days. In fact, how many of us could write beautifully in our first language, let alone second language? Practice makes, if not perfect, progress.

So, maybe you have seen a little bit of my point here. Language barrier itself will not keep us away from success, but the anxiety will. Anxiety holds us back from practices, challenges, and eventually progress and success. If we can deal with our anxieties, we would be much closer to success. It is not the perfect language that makes us succeed. It is the courage and spirit taken to face the challenges.

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2 comments on “International Students’ Language Barrier – Guest Contributor Xiaoqian Liu
  1. Colette Steer says:

    HI Xiaqian
    Great piece and you are absolutely right about our anxieties holding us back. You have highlighted this perfectly and as testamount to you not letting it hold you back, you did so well in the challenge of the 3 Minute Thesis along with other international students. Practice is the key everyone.

  2. Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) offers English Language Support. Students can join the QUIC English Conversation Group, starting weekly meetings on September 12, 2013. The Group meets every Thursday, 5 pm at the QUIC. We welcome new members throughout the year. Students can be also matched on individual basis with a Language Buddy. The program aims for increasing comfort, confidence and cultural knowledge associated with language use. Contact quicELS@queensu.ca.

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