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Favourite Dessert Places in Kingston – 2013 Edition!

Confederation Basin in Kingston is a great place to grab ice cream and relax | Photo by Atif Kukaswadia

On the encouragement of my colleagues, I have decided to update my post from last year where I detailed my favourite dessert places in Kingston.

1) White Mountain

White Mountain is a Kingston staple. It’s been around for years, and is notable because they make all their ice cream in house. They have some absolutely delicious flavours, and paired with a late evening walk down by Confederation Basin, makes for the perfect evening.

Best memory: The clock hitting 3pm on a Friday, and the Thought Tub (my lab’s nickname) deciding to take a “lab field trip” to White Mountain for the afternoon.

2) Menchies – http://menchieskingston.wordpress.com/

Who doesn’t like their ice cream made a certain way – maybe with extra sprinkles? Or gummi worms? Or something a little more exotic, like chocolate covered raisins. Menchies is a self-serve froyo chain that opened up last year in downtown Kingston, and is rapidly expanding across Canada. You pick the ice cream you want (any flavour, any combination), the toppings you want and then pay by weight. Just don’t go there hungry!

Best memory: Doing an intense medicine ball/plyometric workout, then going to Menchies with a friend for a post-workout snack. It was delicious.

3) Spin Dessert Cafe – http://spindessert.com/menu.html

A slight change of pace here, for those who don’t like ice cream as much as sweet and savory foods. They have crepes, ice cream and other delicious desserts that you can check out. They also have a lot of space to sit inside, so this is a nice place to go if it’s too hot outside to be enjoyable!

Best memory: Using a Groupon there with two friends and having the “Return to Innocence” (cookies and cream ice cream, Oreo pieces, milk and white chocolate curls and hot fudge sauce). So unbelievably good.

I was mocked incessantly for my choice, but it was totally worth it.

4) Limestone City Cupcakery

Finishing with something completely different, but still falling under the umbrella of “dessert” is the Limestone City Cupcakery. They have some absolutely delicious cupcakes, but their real skill is in making beautiful cupcakes for specific events. Check out their cupcake gallery for examples!

Best memory: Having LCC cupcakes as the half-time snack in an ultimate game. Less healthy than orange slices, but definitely more delicious!

ADDITION FOR 2013: 5) Marble Slab – http://www.marbleslab.ca/index.php/creamery/home

Located just next to Milestones on Princess and Ontario, Marble Slab is probably one of my favourite new ice cream places. They have lots of different kinds of ice cream, as well as more toppings than you could ever imagine.

Best memory: Going there with my lab and realizing it was a double points day! 🙂


These are some of my favourite dessert places – did I miss your favourite one? Let me know in the comments!

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9 comments on “Favourite Dessert Places in Kingston – 2013 Edition!
  1. I need to get out more!

  2. Catherine says:

    Mio Gelato? Lemon and grapefruit on a waffle cone is usually my pick.

    • Atif Atif says:

      I haven’t had a chance to go there recently, but I’ll be sure to check them out! Thanks Catherine!

  3. Vicki says:

    Even though their main fare is coffee – I’m a big fan of the desserts at Sipps! Super tasty!

    • Atif Atif says:

      Sipps is one of my favourite places in the winter – skating at Market Square followed by a nice hot chocolate is a great evening!

  4. Rachel Wayne 8rw16 says:

    There are some new places. The Silly Yak has opened on Midland for those with a car, and even though it’s not quite dessert, I always like to get my Pan Chancho fix here and there!

  5. Sharday says:

    Sweet Days Bakeshop just opened up, too, in the west end! It’s another of the Day family’s delicious endeavours – the second enterprise, after Days on Front, spearheaded by Matt Day, who is the son of Clark Day, of AquaTerra (and other) fame. Man, I could go for a cupcake right now.

  6. For more up to date places to visit we recommend this blog!


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