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In the spirit of transition to the new and all-important season of Backtoschool, we’ve got a new poll up that tries to get a feel for your sense of belonging as a graduate student, and we’ve got the results from the previous poll.

Apparently, you want to read about our daily struggles and triumphs, and our endearing foibles. When asked what kind of content you wanted more of, “Tales from grad life” won with about 40% of your votes, while “Orientation info” captured the next biggest chunk – about 20% – of your attention. Loud and clear, dear readers. Loud and clear.

So we don’t keep you waiting, here’s an entry from a recent and hilarious list of “25 Deeply Painful Ph.D. Student Problems (Besides Your Thesis)” (written and with images compiled by Jessica Misener) [(This may look awkward, but I’m trying to cite properly without linking to some resolutely non-academic content)].

8. When someone claims that being in a doctoral program isn’t “the same thing as having a real job”:

25 Deeply Painful Ph.D. Student Problems (Besides Your Thesis)

And now you’re equipped with this GIF to defend your honour and your work ethic. (And you’re equipped with Atif, to defend GIFs).

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