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What to do in Kingston this (awesome) summer….Part 1

Summer in Kingston is awesome. This might age me a bit but this is my seventh summer in Kingston. That’s right… seventh.  You’d think I was a Kingston summer expert but every year I discover new things to do and new places to go. This month at Gradifying we want to fill you in on all things summer in Kingston.

 1) Best summer eats

This changes a lot for me. This summer I am going to have to go with Farm Girl. I’m sure you’ve all seen it- the big red food truck that sits in City Park. I’ve been there a few times and it is amazing. It’s pricey and you can wait up to 15 minutes at peak lunch times but you get a tonne of food and it’s not your typical food truck food either. The menu there is really awesome. The first time I went I had a “Macaroni & Cheese Sandwich”  and I was skeptical but wow! Well worth the wait and the few extra dollars. Trust me.

2) Best ice cream place

I’m probably the worst person to write about ice cream because I am certainly no ice cream snob.. I’m all about the soft serve. Take me to DQ and I’m happy. Baskin Robbins at the Kingston Centre also has awesome soft serve and many many many other flavours in addition to that! The little frozen yogurt place at division and Johnson is a nice, convenient treat in the afternoon and it’s 25% off between 3 and 6 PM. Awesome!

3) Best spot for drinks

Patios are the place to be in the summer, especially in downtown Kingston where you get the nice breeze coming off the water. One of my favourite spots is the patio at Lone Star Texas Grill which is transformed into “Margaritaville” serving a huge array of flavours of margaritas and of course the classic corona among other drinks. You get homemade chips and salsa when you arrive and they also play country music there to boot… it’s my kind of awesome place.

4) Best summer locations

I’m all for being outside. Lemoine point is absolutely beautiful in the summer. I love to go there and walk around in the evenings. It’s right on the water so you get a nice breeze on those hot summer nights. If you’re looking for somewhere closer though you should check out the new Lake Ontario Park complete with volleyball courts, splash pad, beach etc.

And as our avid readers will already know, Queen’s University Biological Station (QUBS) is my home away from home. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on up there (especially in the summer) you should check out the QUBS Open House on Sunday June 22 from 12-3PM. I’ll be there (being awesome?).

Hanging out at one of the nice little trails along Opinicon Road heading up to QUBS

5) Best summer festivals

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—the Kingston Sheep Dog Trials are awesome. For three action-packed days, the Sheep Dog Trials take over Grass Creek Park (down Highway 2 past Highway 15). Not only do you get to watch the best sheep dogs in North America herd sheep (it’s an awesome sport) but there are also sessions all day long about things like Birds of Prey in the area, other cool animals, sheep dog puppy training, sheep shearing demos and more. It would be tough to walk there but don’t worry… you can catch the school bus at the K-Rock centre for only $1 at various times throughout the day!


Kingston Sheep Dog Trials 2013

And so begins the preview of what awesome things to do in the awesome Kingston summer. Check back next week to hear about Rachel’s top summer spots in Kingston!


Have any suggestions of your own? Comment on this post to let everyone know!

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One comment on “What to do in Kingston this (awesome) summer….Part 1
  1. Atif Atif says:

    I’ve never seen the Sheep Dog Trials, but I might have to this year. I mean, how often are you going to be able to see those? *Awesome* post Amanda! 🙂

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  2. […] still surprises every year, and new things show up every year that keep things interesting. Amanda, Sharday and Rachel have all weighed in, and now it’s my turn! […]

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