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Resources galore – the SGS has your back!

This is my cat Meanie. Meanie is having trouble understanding what the SGS has to offer him. Don't worry all you Meanies out there. We've got your back!

This is my cat Meanie. Meanie is having trouble understanding what resources the SGS has to offer him. Don’t worry all you Meanies out there…we’ve got your back!

Well, it’s here, folks! Another semester begins, and of course it has come in like a lion! About a week ago, I was getting ready for the SGS Welcome and Resource Fair. I was scheduled to give a little blurb about the volunteer work I’ve done over the years at Queen’s, and tell new students how they can get involved in their community. Then I helped out at the Gradifying booth talking to new and returning students about what Gradifying offers and how it is one of the most valuable resources offered by the School of Graduate Studies (SGS). And those of you who are reading this…well…hello there! And thanks for listening to me J! We are your source for anything grad school related whether that be highlighting the many resources offered by the University, talking about managing finances, how to resolve issues with your Supervisor, or even just where to buy groceries for cheap! We cover most topics, so if you have topics you’d like us to write about then shoot us an email at gradify@queensu.ca or check the 5+ years of posts already on the blog!

Gradifying isn’t the only resource offered by the SGS. Expanding Horizons is a series of workshops with the goal of giving graduate students the resources they need to achieve their professional and academic goals. The workshops are nestled into one of five themes which include: Communications & Interpersonal Skills, Management & Leadership Skills, Academia & Beyond: Knowledge Transfer, Ethics, Society & Civic Responsibilities and Career Development. There is the option to complete a not-for-credit Certificate in Professional Development if you attend at least 12 workshops (one from each theme).

I’m so lucky I’ve had the opportunity to take many of these workshops. There is such a wealth of knowledge in the presenters that give these workshops, and undoubtedly I have left every workshop having learned something about the topic that I didn’t know before. I’ve also completed the Certificate and it’s a great thing to have on your CV or resume. The series of workshops offered is so widespread and comprehensive it’s bound to impress future employers! I’m also really happy I took the time to take these workshops. That’s really the key thing. We all have crazy busy schedules. I’m sure most new-to-grad school students are pretty overwhelmed right now. Taking a couple of hours to do one of these workshops can be a nice break from research and also keeps you thinking about some direction post-grad school.

A new resource I have yet to try out is the Ask an Alum Portal. This portal offers you the chance to converse with Alumni on career-related topics. This is something I will certainly be trying this year! On the SGS website you can also find links to My Grad Skills. This site offers free professional skills training for graduate students. These are self-guided modules on everything from teaching to entrepreneurship. As other opportunities and other resources arise, the easiest way to find out about them is to watch for the School of Graduate Studies newsletter in your inbox each week!

If anyone has tried any of these SGS resources out we would love to hear about the impact they’ve had in the comments below. Next week, you’ll hear all about the SGS Habitat and what wellness-related resources the SGS has to offer you!

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One comment on “Resources galore – the SGS has your back!
  1. Colette says:

    Thanks for the updates on resources available to grad students. Like Amanda and the Gradifying team, don’t hesitate to contact us if you I are not sure where to go for help, or just to meet new people!

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