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Bridging the Gap between Academy and Job Market: a few things to know as a Queen’s student

Hello everyone! I am Junyu, a new writer for gradifying blog. I am a recent graduate from Queen’s Master program in Cultural Studies. It is my great pleasure today to share my experience of building up a professional career profile via utilizing Queen’s resources. As an international student, I especially understand the career dilemma that the non-Western students might face in a cross-cultural context. However, if you are conscious of planning ahead, those potential barriers could be removed when you are ready to find a job. Below are a few tips I find maybe useful:


  1. Identify the wanted skills

Most of people have a career preference which is based on their life experience, academic background and in-hand skills. If you are not sure whether you are a perfect candidate of the job, you can simply search for relevant job postings and review their qualifications and skills requirements. This is a way of identifying some necessary qualities that you should equip for a particular job type. As a result, you would be likely to have a more specific goal in mind that what kind of skills you should develop and enhance in next step. Remember to start this early!

2.  Stay informed

Stay informed SGS’s newsletter updates important events regarding work opportunities, funding, research, campus activities as well as student affairs weekly. Don’t forget to check it out in order to get latest news! Meanwhile, be attentive to posters on the campus boards. They might offer surprise! Also platforms such as QUIC, Career Service, Human resources, Center of Teaching and Learning are very helpful for you to find learning opportunities and career advices.

  1. Expand and enhance your skills

Expanding Horizon offers workshops throughout the academic terms. They are very useful in terms of expanding your skill-set or polishing your existing skills. Instructors are friendly so don’t hesitate to ask them in-depth questions if you want. Moreover, Mitac and Mygradskill are great medium of online workshop delivery, you can find topic ranging from research communication to project management. If you are a Queen’s employee, the trainings from are also available to you. Also don’t forget to earn yourself an Intercultural Competence certificate from QUIC in this increasingly globalizational world. If you are a Queen’s employee, the trainings from Human Resource department are also available to you


  1. Get some advices before you submit your application

Career Services provides counselling and advising relevant to your career decision and application. You can either make an appointment through your Mycareer account or simply just drop-in to get an advisor to help you. I love to bring my resume and cover letter to an advisor before I submit them since they can make my documents look more professional to employers.

These 4 tips certainly do not cover all the details from career planning to accomplishment. However, I believe the essentials steps have indicated above, which are “have your career schema”, “fill in relevant skills and experience”, “repackage it according to the job”. Fortunately, Queen’s provides support throughout the whole process. If you are not sure about your career options and want to figure it out today, why not start with talking to an advisor, or just attending a career workshop?

In addition, below are some exciting upcoming events that might be of your interest:

September 27th, Queen’s Career Fair (meet with potential employers, get career help, networking and get your LinkedIn photo!)

October 14th-16th, Queen’s Homecoming 2016 (check out events or volunteering opportunities If you want some experience)

October 6th-26th, Expanding Horizon career workshops (access through your EH account)

Let me know if you have any thought in term of this post to share! Anything is appreciated! 😉


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2 comments on “Bridging the Gap between Academy and Job Market: a few things to know as a Queen’s student
  1. Colette says:

    Fantastic Junyu. A great blog to expose grad students to the many resources available. Thank you

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