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Career Week: Turning Learning into Earning

When: October 11th (Tuesday) to October 14th (Friday)

* Learn about all workshops here.


The term is picking up speed, and I’m pretty sure most of us will be at warp-speed here in a couple of weeks. In the midst of research, classes, TA responsibilities, and everything else that’s going on, here at Gradifying we’re keeping our eyes on the prize: Careers. Last week, Junyu wrote a great post with some advice on how to start getting prepared for entering a career. That’s a great lead-in for us launching into an initiative hosted by the SGS, the 3rd Annual Career Week. This post is going to fill you in on what Career Week is and how it can help you turn your graduate blood (not so much, hopefully), sweat (more than blood for sure, but probably not a whole lot), and tears (lots of these) into a job. If you’re interested in getting a job at the end of this, read on.

The listening, and the schmoozing.

The listening, and the schmoozing.

Career Week is 4 days of workshops on Queen’s main campus that is organized to be an A-Z of how-to-get-a-job in different sectors. “I’m fairly early in my graduate training. Is there anything I can get from this week?” Yep, lots. For example, the following workshop on Wednesday (Oct. 12) is geared toward helping you line yourself up for an academic position:

   Title: Preparing for Your Academic Career

When: Wednesday (Oct. 12), 2:00 – 4:00pm

Where: Robert Sutherland Hall, room 202


Another great one to attend for someone who’s not yet at the job-searching stage, which will help you to identify and translate your skills to a non-academic setting:

   Title: What Employers Want and the Employable You – STEM & Health

When: Friday (Oct. 14), 2:00 – 3:30pm

Where: Gordon Hall, Career Services Room 302


Will the workshops be useful for someone who is at the stage of applying for jobs this year? Big time. From CV and resume-building to doing mock interviews, in and outside of academia, there are a great variety of talks that will help you get prepared. And if all of this isn’t enough, there’s also a Career Week Networking Reception on Friday (Oct. 14) at 4:00 – 5:30pm, for schmoozing.


Career Week happens once a year, and it’s next week. Everyone knows that things are about to get extremely busy, but have a look at the link in the very first line of this post right now, because there may be a couple of talks that you’ll regret not making the time for. Have a peak, talk to a buddy, and tag-team one or more of these workshops. If not for the knowledge and preparation, then for the peace of mind that comes with opening that mysterious door that leads you out of graduate school. It’s a bit scary to think about what’s going to happen after grad school, but getting prepared early is the best way to calm those nerves.


It’s safe to say that 99-100% of people will not be able to take in all of the workshops. We’ve got you covered. Over the next couple of weeks we will have our Gradifying writers attend some select workshop and give you a digest. If there are any particular ones that you won’t be able to attend but you’d like to hear about, leave a comment at the bottom and we’ll do our best to get some eyes on it.

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One comment on “Career Week: Turning Learning into Earning
  1. Colette says:

    Thanks Dustin for this post. Yes the week is full of some great workshops, including our guest speaker, Dr Dean Oliver, who will deliver his workshop called: There’s Hope! (even for liberal arts). Careers in the Public Service: How to Apply, How to Interview

    When: 2:30pm – 5:30pm

    Where: Robert Sutherland Hall, room 202

    ​Presenter: Dr Dean Oliver, Director of Research and Chief Curator at the Canadian Museum of History

    Description: A very high percentage of university graduate students are not hired by universities. So, who is hiring them, and what do these employers want?

    This workshop, hosted by an academic-cum-public service research director, gives attendees some practical advice on key aspects of their career search. We’ll talk about professional skills and personal aptitudes, the meaning and implications of institutional missions and mandates, vision and career development, the importance of effective written communication, the dreaded interview, public speaking, pre- and post-interview techniques, and the implications of multidisciplinary and team-based working environments. Non-university employers want you. You just need to show them why.

    Sign up for this and other workshops during the week, via the Expanding Horizons website registration portal.

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