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Reflections on Attending the Career Fair and Network Reception at Queen’s

Now we have arrived at the last day of October! Congratulations to those who have made most use of the career workshops and events during these weeks and have figured out a piece (or a whole) of their career planning!

If not yet, no worry, holding the consciousness would help you keep a great eye to any available opportunity that will facilitate your career self-management. By the way, try not to miss the Expanding Horizon workshop “Time Management: Avoiding Procrastination & Maintaining Momentum” this afternoon since time management skill is one of the general skills that often required by companies. And this is the only one management workshop for this fall.

pp3Reflection on the past experience, I believe, is always important no matter how far one has advanced on the road. It helps you reexamine the strategy for success and avoid repeating same mistakes. Therefore, today I want to share my reflection on interacting with potential employers at the career fair and the network reception at Queen’s, and through this I want to pinpoint a parameter by echoing with what Vanessa had discussed last week, which is “guaranteeing happiness”. In other words, remain a positive attitude by looking at the gains of your effort, and be happy for what you have achieved even it is tiny (walking out of your comfort zone, knowing more about the field, obtaining some connections, etc.)! Below are there points of my reflections:


  1. Prepare to swing between professional dialogue and socialized conversation

Either the career fair or the network reception is composed of not only potential employers, but also job seekers, students, and staffs. Within this space I realized that there were many other interfaces that I could establish to get more information and connections except the one interacting with recruiting members. For example, the interface between the other job seekers and I enabled me to learn different perspectives and to share experience. And the event staffs in place are useful guides for clarifying the resources, providing suggestions and so forth. Therefore, being professional and being social at the same time will help get the most out of these events.

  1. Be flexible with the “script” in mind

Many students came with a self-introduction, some questions to ask and the intention to obtain connections in mind. The tips from the career service are very useful. However, in real situation, the conversation might not go as what you have prepared because of its interactive and contingent nature. In order to make the conversation interactive, responsive and fluent as much as possible, you need to be actively listening to what actually the recruiter asked and said so you could respond properly. The other way I find useful is to break your script into different parts. When a related question pops up, you can appropriate part of them to generate a professional and personalized answer.

  1. Acknowledge your effort and stay positive

I prepared answers on what I expected to be asked but I was still embarrassed by my panic reaction to unexpected situation. I went with my versatile skill sets but was declined by many opportunities because of my unrelated academic ground. I wrote several thank you notes to follow up the connections but had only one response.

u=2631648924,198360917&fm=21&gp=0… … …    BUT SO WHAT?

I obtained the first experience on career fair and produced my strategies for networking. I brought 10 resumes and had them left on the recruiters’ tables. I learnt some important work opportunities that I would regret if I missed them. The fact that I have learnt something from the experience has made me happy.

Building career could be stressful, overwhelming and even nerve-wrecking, but it also involves amazing things. Staying positive makes you see and embrace them.

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One comment on “Reflections on Attending the Career Fair and Network Reception at Queen’s
  1. Colette says:

    WEll said Junyu. I am glad you got the opportunity to not only attend the Networking reception but one of the many career fairs hosted by Queen’s CAreer Services. They are such a great resource and even with what you experienced, you could go back to them with that and work out the next stage!

    Keep being positive

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