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Happy New Year – You’ve only got 3 minutes to save the world!

Anastasia Savrova -  3rd in Ontario 3MT last year! Photo credit: http://queensu.ca/3mt/

Anastasia Shavrova – 3rd in Ontario 3MT last year! Photo credit: http://queensu.ca/3mt/

So maybe not save the world…but how about explaining your thesis? Could you do that in just three minutes? Well, now you have the opportunity to do so. Queen’s Three Minute thesis (3MT) competition is back this year. Queen’s 3MT is an opportunity for Masters and doctoral students from any discipline to showcase their research or thesis project to a panel of non-specialist judges. The ability to translate one’s research into material that the general public can easily absorb is not an easy thing to do, but is certainly a very valuable skill and this will benefit you both during grad school and continue to help you long after.

The first Three Minute Thesis competition was held in Queensland, Australia in 2008, and then the first time it occurred at Queen’s was in 2012. I competed in that inaugural Queen’s competition and it was a great experience. It was fun and certainly challenging. Whenever I have presented my research in the past, I struggled to condense the background information into anything less than 7 minutes long. 3MT helped me parse that down, and identify what is actually important for the audience in understanding the bigger picture. It also helped me work on my “elevator speech”. I have a fairly theoretical project, so it helped me to make project-related information accessible and deconstruct the important parts into a short and sweet summary of what I do.

This year, Queen’s 3MT registration opens in January and closes on Tuesday March 14th. The actual competition heats happen from March 20-22nd and the finals on March 30th. The full schedule can be found here. There is a very helpful information and presentation skills session offered twice throughout the term (check the calendar!), as well as many other helpful resources posted on the website. You can also watch 3MT videos from around the world right here.

Now that you are all aware of the Queen’s 3MT competition, here at Gradifying we wanted to say Happy New Year to all of our readers and importantly, also a big WELCOME to all of the new students starting this semester. Queen’s 3MT is just one of the many opportunities and resources Queen’s offers and this month the bloggers are going to showcase many of those for you! If you have something you want us to write about, don’t hesitate to shoot us an e-mail (gradify@queensu.ca) !

“One slide, No props, 3 Minutes”

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One comment on “Happy New Year – You’ve only got 3 minutes to save the world!
  1. Colette says:

    Thanks for the push! Yes registration will open Monday, January 16th, so don’t wait to sign up! Amanda, you know you can compete again, so I think it has been long enough for you to give it another go!

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