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20130225104041_iTKaz.thumb.700_0Spring is a season of change: returning chilly air, blossoming seeds, frequent exchanges of sunny and rainy days, susceptible body conditions, increasing presences of animals and…bugs. But change is not always observable. It sometimes happens in a causal relation that entails a long-term evaluation, or it acts in a very subtle and tiny manner that only close attention is able to catch.

Change is essential to our life world. Even we think that we repeat routine activities every day, we do not encounter a same face of surrounding. Everything complies to the law of time, thus every moment is irreversible and non-reproducible. Many would understand such rule of life well, and manage to lead a meaningful life. But there are also many others that indulge themselves in alcohols, drugs, and other addictive (often negative) pursuits because they feel life is too short, too plain or too suffering for them. Temporal but drowning pleasure brings unbounded experience, however, never sustain the value of life. Therefore, being-in-the-world, varying from person to person, could be a backpacking trip with tingling pain and happiness.


Change also means movement, a dynamic state of things. Nothing is static and motionless in nature. If we think the rock is dead, that is just because its condensed molecular structure does not reveal obvious movement. However, inwardly molecules interact with each other. Change is inherent.


Change is neutral and ubiquitous. In ancient time, our predecessors caught patterns and regulations of change, and utilized them to develop human civilization. The patterns of change subject to change as well. Being aware of this rule places oneself in a real understanding of world. However, modern technology tends to perpetuate the patterns of change, taking certain chain of causal effects as absolute truth. This has profoundly undermined our vision towards the world as a changing whole.


Why is important to have a perspective of change? Because it enables a flexible way of living as well as an open-minded life attitude. Change connects human, society, culture, nature and the cosmos. If we can look at ourselves-in-the-world with more sensitivity, life will never show a boring face to us. And in this way we are able to appreciate the stunning complexity and beauty of life.  20130220194729_SVaLS

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