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Learning and Learning: Career Week


Some of us are incoming students, while others are entering their final year (yes!). One thing is common between us; we must start to seriously think about the lives we envision for ourselves outside of being a graduate student.

I know this is a scary thought. We are, however, here to help you through it.

One way to facilitate this thinking is to access some of the many resources Queen’s University offers you as a member of their student community.

In my undergraduate education, I worked with a non-profit who implemented initiatives that connected to students in low-resource countries around the world. Interacting with these bright individuals shifted the way I perceived access, privilege, and power. These students are limited only because they do not have access to resources that would enhance their personal and professional domains. On the other hand, we live in such a privileged and convenient society with numerous sources and resources that we can use for our betterment. We should utilize these resources to the best of our ability.

I personally believe that “lifelong learning” should be internalized and become the foundation for all decisions. I believe that the motivation and drive for learning enables one to make the most rational decisions in life because every thought, idea, and action informs and is informed by learning. Moreover, personal and professional development is an inevitable process, one which you should immerse in your approach to daily living. There are definitely other motivations and drives but take it from my experience, none of these motivations will give you the type and level of satisfaction that learning will.

I understand that there may be strong hesitations for seeking out learning opportunities. Social anxiety, stress, and juggling multiple priorities are few of the many barriers to participation. But think of it this way. By seeking these opportunities, you may acquire additional skills, knowledge, or perspectives that would enable you to navigate through challenges in life more efficiently. I know that when I see an opportunity, my main motivation is the chance of learning something that would allow me to live my life with greater confidence, motivation, efficiency, and strength.

Why talk about this? Career Week.

Career Week at Queen’s is an annual four-day event comprising of workshops on various topics such as writing résumés and finding a faculty job after your post-doc. This year, Career Week is from October 10 to 13 and with 11 workshops. The event ends with a networking reception providing you with the opportunity to interact with your fellow peers at the Queen’s University, and apply some of the skills gained from the workshops.

Tuesday, October 10

  • The Versatile Graduate – What do I want to do with my life/degree? (9:00-11:00, Robert Sutherland Hall Room 202)
  • Resumes and Cover Letters for Business, Governments & Non-Profits (11:30-1:00, Robert Sutherland Hall Room 202)
  • CVs and Cover Letters for Academic Positions (2:00-4:00, Robert Sutherland Hall Room 202)

Wednesday, October 11

  • Interacting with the Media (9:00-11:00, Robert Sutherland Hall Room 202)
  • How to find a Post-Doctoral Position (11:30-1:00, Robert Sutherland Hall Room 202)
  • Preparing for your academic career (2:00-4:00, Robert Sutherland Hall Room 202)

Thursday, October 12

  • What Employers Want and the Employable You (9:00-11:00, Gordon Hall, room 302 for STEM or Gordon Hall Room 324 for Humanities/Social Sciences)
  • Advancing Knowledge and Talent for Canada’s Future (2:00-4:00, Robert Sutherland Hall Room 202)

Friday, October 13

  • Use LinkedIn to Find Great Work: (9:00-11:00, Gordon Hall, Career Services Room 324)
  • Networking Skills (8:30 am – 4:00 am, Gordon Hall, Career Services Room 302)
  • Networking Reception (4:00-5:30, Agnes Etherington Art Centre Atrium)

For more information, please visit: http://www.queensu.ca/exph/career-week

I hope you all attend! 

“Anfangen ist leicht, beharren eine Kunst” – To begin is easy, to persist is an art (German Proverb)

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