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Mentally Well? A Question to Ask Youself.

May Day!Am I feel mentally well?

Not many people ask themselves this question in their everyday lives.

We watch our body, listen to other’s perspective, focus on our works. We often ignore that our mind is essentially a delicate organ that needs our attention and care.

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we might, as adults, think since it has been strong enough to handle flows of information, changes in life and those either trivial or critical bits in countless moments, a self-introspection on one’s mentality should be favored as a spiritual pursuit or an exclusive episode of a lonely night. Thus we are not properly knowing what we really need and how to satisfy the need.

Instead, we might eat much to fill the void inside;May Day! (1)

blame our partners for their poor sensitivities to our fragility; Untitled design (5)

and as too often it is, leave ourselves in a powerless situation.  Untitled design (4)

We are so over-preoccupied with the pursuits of rational aims in the modern society that we ultimately lose the genuine and meaningful connection with ourselves and our environment. as cool as you are! (6)

No, i am not discussing a metaphysical or existential thesis here. It is just a real-life issue, pertaining your body, your perception and your lover. Mental wellness is a state of mind, and thus it is a state of body (let’s override the body/mind dualism). We should not neglect the physical signals emitted from our body,

such as sleep deprivation, addiction, unexplained as cool as you are! (2)pain and anxiety.as cool as you are! (4)

as cool as you are! (7)

At the beginning of the winter semester, you might have been loading yourself increasingly with tasks, jobs and personal affairs. To help yourself manage stress and achieve efficient & healthy academic life, Student Wellness Services provides plenty of online and in-person resources for mental health instruction. Their Student Health 101 is online health and wellness magazine designed for University students. It offers lots of valuable information about how to get the most out of your time at Queen’s. as cool as you are! (1)

Moreover, mental health myths and facts  is able to provide you a critical perspective on defining mental health, and how we should approach it.

as cool as you are! (5)

Nursing your strength with more self-knowledge on mental wellness will nourish a sense of reliability and confidence. Check out Student Wellness Services website to get yourself some extra help with Queen’s wellness promotion resources at anytime.

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  1. Colette says:

    Great summary of resources available. thanks

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