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Social Network – The Stage of Job Hunting


Years of work experiences in Canada’s small city

have verified a hidden (people do not talk about it)

and well-worn (people all know it) principle to me:

99% of job offers come from your connection. 

I remembered

when i heard this from a career coach at Queen’s ,

i was quite astonished.


it explained volumes of unresponsive emails and applications,

i was thinking.


To find a job,

does this mean that people should solely rely on their connections?

Certainly NOT.

The process of job hunting is so personalized

that no sole factor plays exclusively in one’s success or failure.

For me, the real and specific striving in every stage of the process

CANNOT dispense with the impact of the social connection.


Arriving in a brand-new environment,

i have felt a more urgent need than

sending my resume and cover letter to the market,

which IS TO connect myself with some local groups.

In this way,

even though the connection is superficial,

it aligns me with an established bond,

visualizes me via certain way of communication,

and thus couples me with the emerging opportunities.


I was lucky.

I joined in an event hosted by a local social dance group,

and had a chance to introduce myself to everyone.

I presented a very brief and highlighted job talk

(of course with sociable vocabularies) ,

and soon got two opportunities.

One was from a member

whose friend asked her to refer someone for an part-time position,

the other one was forwarded through the social media.

Both are the fruits of the connection.


Social network is a platform,

where you are offered a stage to showcase your capacity, personality and preferability.

Audiences lurk in dark but they see you when you talk and act,

when you take initiative to do so.

It does not guarantee a job,

but it absolutely increases the possibility.

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One comment on “Social Network – The Stage of Job Hunting
  1. Colette says:

    well said Junyu. No job hunting is easy and we do have to explore all avenues, even more so in today’s environment.

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