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Over one night, a neighbor’s Magnolia tree has dressed its yard with full pink flower clusters, proudly blooming on the branches and turning the bleak winter palette into a vibrant tableau. The mind and body cheerfully flee from a cryptic hibernate state, and are excitedly searching for more sensational connections with an amiable nature. Through those mellow corollas, the imagination is no longer trammeled and with travelling breath it can be anywhere landing in an exotic food market, a sandy beach or in a Japanese temple.


While we all agree that planning a vacation somewhere else is glad, we won’t get a warranty that the whole experience there will reach a state of total satiety. In fact, minor and major problems (or confusions) will assail us from the start of planning to getting on the flight to home. Therefore, tips to help a stress-free vacation would be helpful.


  1. Be prepared. This is not just about packing all the items needed in your suitcase. More importantly, it is to be mentally prepared for emerging and unexpected changes, disruptions, bad weather and so forth during the vacation. I still feel guilty to my sister today because two years ago when we had a family trip in Xiameng, China, the weather was so hot and humid. At one point we lost each other in a huge crowd and I could not help but yelling at her when I finally found her. However, I know this was not right because my mood was simply driven to be so bad by the weather and the accidental separation. Therefore, the first and critical step to enjoy a stress-free vacation is to know there could be stress anytime and anywhere during the vacation, and with a bit mental preparation you might find easier to arrest it and let go before you put that stress on your mind and body.


  1. Be flexible with a schedule. Tourist attractions are must-gos; places that are mentioned in popular travel tips are desired too. Since money and time are limited, scheduling is effective. However, it does not have to be tight and precise. Write down just two or three major arrangements a day and leave enough time of “nothingness” for flexibility, wandering and ventures. After all, doing a trip is not rock climbing; you do not have to challenge and triumph to be pleased. The more you enjoy the presence, the more you win in a trip.


  1. Be open. It is a synonym of tolerance. A vacation offers opportunities to learn the world and others. New people, cultures and places could disturb your comfort zone. But we can opt to agree,

What is rational is actual and what is actual is rational.

This life-polished philosophical thought by Hegel echoes well with Michelle Maros in a blog,” be open to learning and accepting that life has brought you to this place in this moment for a reason.” Mental conflicts will be embraced by an open mind, just like rain drops dissolve into the sea.

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2 comments on “Summer Vacation Tips
  1. Colette says:

    Great Junyu. I am planning a trip to New Foundland this summer and will be travelling with 6 others. This can also put additional stress on people as trying to satisfy all, but we must remember it is our holiday too, so even travelling with a group, you can still go off and do your own thing. Not everything has to be done together!

    • Junyu says:

      That is true Colette! I usually prefer small small group travel cause it is so hard to manage everyone together. But you are right, people can be really flexible and relaxed with a different mindset. Enjoy a great time in New Foundland!

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