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My family and I are originally from Malaysia. We migrated to Canada about thirteen years ago. We lived in Vancouver for the first three years before settling in Kingston. Each move required a major adjustment – from the rat race in Kuala Lumpur to the easy-going west coast attitude in Vancouver, from metropolitan Vancouver to city-town Kingston. However, deciding to put down roots in Kingston was easy. Though small, Kingston has a lot to offer: affordable housing, minimal traffic, great trails and greeneries (when the weather permits), and friendly people. Suffice to say, my family and I have built our lives here – we have interwoven ourselves into the fabric of the Kingston community.

Our ability to adjust to a new life in Kingston is partly due to the Islamic Centre, which operates under the Islamic Society of Kingston. The centre is not only a place for us and fellow Muslims to congregate for worship. It is also a place where my family and I find comfort by being among those who share our immigration experiences and struggles. A place to make friends and meet acquaintances beyond Queen’s University and our local neighborhood.


Eid-ul-Fitr celebration at the Islamic Centre – to celebrate the end of Ramadhan


Bi-weekly women’s study circle at the Islamic Centre – the topic for the day was “purification of the heart from backbiting”

weekly classes

Weekly Islamic studies for children at the Islamic Centre


Annual all-you-can-eat Sunday brunch at the Islamic Centre to benefit a non-profit organization


I pray that all houses of worship are able to continue to serve their community – may peace be upon us all.


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