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Going Green to Help with the Blues

Now that the autumn leaves are falling and we have all survived our SSHRC applications, the semester is officially in full swing! For many of us, the first couple months at Queen’s was spent getting our bearings on campus and adjusting to Kingston. With the demands of our course work, fields exams, research and writing, most of us have been desk-bound. 

Since we spend so much time at our desks, it’s really important to create a comfortable workspace that motivates you and encourages focus. Personally, I spend a lot of my day at my study carrel or at my desk at home and sometimes I can’t get outside as much as I want to so I’ve tried to bring a bit of the outdoors in by surrounding myself with low maintenance and relatively inexpensive plants. I find that having a bit of greenery nearby reduces my stress levels and makes me feel calmer. Also, having plants around encourages me to get some steps in every now and then in order to water them and occasionally rearrange them so they can get the most out of the autumn sun. 


My new Zanzibar Gem plant from The Jungle.

Recently, I had a free Saturday morning so I grabbed a coffee, walked around and popped into a few shops. I discovered a couple of lovely little stores which specialize in house plants: The Jungle on Wellington Street and also Pam’s Flower Garden on Princess Street. The staff at both shops were open and welcoming and we chatted about some low maintenance plants that would be great for students. In the end, I came away with their recommendations: a couple of succulents, a Zanzibar Gem and Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree which have all found a spot on both my desk at home and my study carrel. As the days get shorter and it gets a bit colder, they add a touch of colour and liveliness to my day-to-day and they’re also great conversation starters between other students.

A collection of little succulents which have been repotted into recycled coffee pods.

A collection of little succulents which have been repotted into recycled coffee pods.

Do you have any tips for creating a cozy and productive workspace?


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