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It’s finals season!! While I’m incredibly overwhelmed thinking about all the work I have to do, as I’m sure you are too, let’s not talk about that today. If you get a chance to take a break, or even after finals are done, be sure to check out some of these cool art galleries in Kingston. I first discovered these places during an event called Art After Dark, during which art galleries open their doors between the hours of 7 pm to 10 pm. There’s usually music, snacks, and lots of people! It’s a fun social event and an easy way to get familiar with all the art in Kingston. I stumbled across the event by accident and ended up having a great time. This event got me familiar with many places at once. Listed below I have three of my favourites:

Martello alley

Martello Alley is the only art alley in Ontario. This makes this spot particularly exclusive as the art is on display all along the walls of the alley, enticing the people passing by. This alley really is an escape from Kingston. The walls and ground have been painted to mimic a cobblestone road. And once you’ve started down the alley, it only gets better! The alley opens up to a cute courtyard featuring painted walls, outdoor furniture, and even a coffee shop! This is the perfect place to get some great pictures. If this isn’t enough to get you into the actual gallery, the owner is always opening the door to welcome people in. The gallery itself has a vast array of artwork, in various mediums, and caters to all budgets by offering both originals and prints. Martello Alley is a Kingston gem that is not to be missed!
Martello Alley
203 B Wellington Street


Black Dog Pottery is a storefront/studio gallery, featuring the work of local artist, Marc Lemieux. The artist himself is usually there, always willing to chat about his work as he is constantly trying new techniques. The gallery features a vast collection of porcelain and stonework, ranging from decorative to functional. Each piece is one of kind and makes for perfect gifts. The different sizes and intricacies create a range of prices making it possible to take a piece of art home even on a student budget!

Black Dog Pottery
58 Queen St



Kingston Glass and Gallery is most well-known for their glasswork, but they also feature art that is ceramic, wood, stone, and textiles. Similar to Black Dog Pottery, this place also sells a variety of items that are decorative and functional. When I was here for Art After Dark, they also had a glass blowing demonstration going on! While it’s great to admire all the pieces, Kingston Glass and Gallery also offers classes and events where you can get involved and learn the craft.

Kingston Glass Studio and Gallery
56 Queen St


I really loved these three places because of how distinct and exclusive each of them is. I love that the local art scene is so vibrant in Kingston and I hope to see more of the art galleries during my time here. What’s more, is that these are local artists! A student budget might make it difficult to purchase a piece of art, but it is an amazing investment that will stay with you (potentially) forever. If nothing else, this is an opportunity to peruse beautiful art for free! Consider supporting these artists by following them on social media and spreading the word about their work. Be sure to check out these galleries when you get a chance and even attend the next Art After Dark in May 2020.

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